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Band 94 (2019)
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Artikel: Essential dimension of the spin groups in characteristic 2 1
Artikel: The L2-torsion function and the Thurston norm of 3-manifolds 21
Artikel: Generalized triangle groups, expanders, and a problem of Agol and Wise 53
Artikel: Group representations in the homology of 3-manifolds 67
Artikel: The zero norm subspace of bounded cohomology of acylindrically hyperbolic groups 89
Artikel: A Poincaré-Bendixson theorem for translation lines and applications to prime ends 141
Artikel: Locally compact groups acting on trees, the type I conjecture and non-amenable von Neumann algebras 185
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Artikel: A lower bound for the rank of a universal quadratic form with integer coefficients in a totally real number field 221
Artikel: Statistical distribution of the Stern sequence 241
Artikel: Positively ratioed representations 273
Artikel: Hyperbolic components of rational maps : quantative equidistribution and counting 347
Artikel: The maximum number of strokes for genus two Riemann surfaces with abelian differentials 399
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Artikel: Counterexamples to the complement problem 439
Artikel: Motives of isogenous K3 surfaces 445
Artikel: Asymtotics of analytic torsion for hyperbolic three-manifolds 459
Artikel: Fourier optimization and prime gaps 533
Artikel: Dynamically exotic contact spheres in dimensions ≥ 7 569
Artikel: A local characterization of Kazhdan projections and applications 623
Endseiten 661
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Artikel: Aut-invariant norms and Aut-invariant quasimorphisms on free and surface groups 661
Artikel: On rational cuspidal plane curves and the local cohomology of Jacobian rings 689
Artikel: Spectral and Hodge theory of "Witt" incomplete cusp edge spaces 701
Artikel: Some analytic aspects of automorphic forms on GL(2) of minimal type 767
Artikel: Middle dimensional symplectic rigidity and its effect on Hamiltonian PDEs 803
Artikel: Characterization of generic projective space bundles and algebraicity of foliations 833
Artikel: Rigidity of Busemann convex Finsler metrics 855
Artikel: Lengths of closed geodesics on random surfaces of large genus 869
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