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Band 91 (2016)
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Artikel: Absolutely exotic compact 4-manifolds 1
Artikel: Hofer growth of C1-generic Hamiltonian flows 21
Artikel: Livšic theorem for low-dimensional diffeomorphism cocycles 39
Artikel: Ergodic properties of equilibrium measures for smooth three dimensional flows 65
Artikel: Minimal entropy for uniform lattices in product of hyperbolic planes 107
Artikel: Asymptotic equivalence of symplectic capacities 131
Artikel: On Serre's injectivity question and norm principle 145
Artikel: Motivic construction of cohomological invariants 163
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Artikel: Bounded cohomology with coefficients in uniformly convex Banach spaces 203
Artikel: Positively curved manifolds with large spherical rank 219
Artikel: Groups acting on trees with almost prescribed local action 253
Artikel: On the Fermat-type equation 295
Artikel: On the strong orderability of overtwisted 3-folds 305
Artikel: Quadratic differentials, half-plane structures, and harmonic maps to trees 317
Artikel: Cr-density of (non-uniform) hyperbolicity in partially hyperbolic symplectic diffeomorphisms 357
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Artikel: On the p-converse of the Kolyvagin-Gross-Zagier theorem 397
Artikel: Lagrangian product tori in symplectic manifolds 445
Artikel: Explicit Brill-Noether-Petri general curves 477
Artikel: Degree three cohomological invariants of reductive groups 493
Artikel: Cocompactly cubulated 2-dimensional Artin groups 519
Artikel: Ping Pong on CAT(0) cube complexes 543
Artikel: Moduli of abelian surfaces, symmetric theta structures and theta characteristics 563
Endseiten 609
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Artikel: Virtually compact special hyperbolic groups are conjugacy separable 609
Artikel: Nonnegatively curved Euclidean submanifolds in codimension two 629
Artikel: Nekhoroshev's estimates for quasi-periodic time-dependent perturbations 653
Artikel: Dynamics on supersingular K3 surfaces 705
Artikel: Families of p-adic Galois representations and (φ,Γ)-modules 721
Artikel: Assembling homology classes in automorphism groups of free groups 751
Artikel: Minimal discs in hyperbolic space bounded by a quasicircle at infinity 807
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