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Band 63 (2017)
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Artikel: Selberg's central limit theorem for log │ζ(1/2 + it)│ 1
Artikel: On real and complex cubic curves 21
Artikel: A survey of the GIT picture for the Yang-Mills equation over Riemann surfaces 63
Artikel: Sur l'exemple d'Euler d'une fonction complètement mulitplicative de somme nulle 155
Artikel: An equivalence between pseudo-holomorphic embeddings into almost-complex Euclidean space and CR regular embeddings into complex space 165
Artikel: Invariants of the special orthogonal group and an enhanced Brauer category 181
Artikel: Branched coverings and equivariant smoothings of 4-manifolds 201
Artikel: The Cartan-Hadamard Theorem for metric spaces with local geodesic bicombings 233
Rubrik: Commission internationale de l'enseignement mathématique 249
Buchbesprechung: Bulletin bibliographique 1
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Artikel: A note on o-minimal flows and the Ax-Lindemann-Weierstrass theorem for semi-abelian varieties over C 251
Artikel: A note on the automorphism group of a compact complex manifold 263
Artikel: Holding convex polyhedra by circular rings 273
Artikel: Good cyclic codes and the uncertainty principle 305
Artikel: The hyperbolic geometry of Markov's theorem on Diophantine approximation and quadratic forms 333
Artikel: Toric varieties vs. horofunction compactifications of polyhedral norms 375
Artikel: The Horn inequalities from a geometric point of view 403
Artikel: [Q,R] = 0 and Kostant partition functions 471
Rubrik: Commission internationale de l'einseignement mathématique 517
Buchbesprechung: Bulletin bibliographique 19
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