Schweizerische mineralogische und petrographische Mitteilungen = Bulletin suisse de minéralogie et pétrographie

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Volume 71 (1991) _
Issue 1 _
Article: Emilie Jäger : early days in Washington 1 Download as PDF
Article: Sr-Nd-Pb isotope data for Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) basal complex and subaerial volcanics : applications to magma genesis and evolution 3 Download as PDF
Article: Isotopic (Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd) and geochemical studies of the metamorphosed volcanic rocks in the metamorphic series below the Semail ophiolite in the Dibba zone (United Arab Emirates) 19 Download as PDF
Article: Sr, Nd and O isotopic characterization of the Gophu La and Gumburanjun leucogranites (High Himalaya) 35 Download as PDF
Article: Contrasting REE characteristics in meta-lamprophyres from Variscan massifs of the Central Swiss Alps and REE patterns in lamprophyres from Variscan terranes of Western Europe 53 Download as PDF
Article: Spaltspuren in Apatit und Zirkon : Schlüssel zur Niedertemperatur- und Hebungsgeschichte der Alpen 63 Download as PDF
Article: A hornblende 39Ar-40Ar age traverse of the Bregaglia tonalite (southeast Central Alps) 73 Download as PDF
Article: K-Ar and Rb-Sr age determinations on micas of impure marbles of Naxos, Greece : the influence of metamorphic fluids and lithology on the blocking temperature 89 Download as PDF
Article: K-Ar dating of manganese minerals from the Eisenbach region, Black Forest, southwest Germany 101 Download as PDF
Article: Rb-Sr and oxygen isotope geochemistry on a complex Proterozoic intrusive, Vaaraslahti, Finland 115 Download as PDF
Article: Isotope data of metarodingites and associated rocks from the Lanzo and the Bracco ophiolitic massifs : indications on the evolution of the Alpino-type ultramafic-mafic complexes 125 Download as PDF
Article: Distribution of exchangeable cations in Mesozoic and Permo-Carboniferous sediments in the subsurface of Northern Switzerland 143 Download as PDF
Article: Preparation and cell refinement of mica microsamples 151 Download as PDF
Article: Crystallinity distribution and crytallinity - b0 relationships in white K-micas of Verrucano metasediments (Northern Apennines, Italy) 161 Download as PDF
Book review 169 Download as PDF
Table of Contents _ Download as PDF
Issue 2 _
Article: Paradoxes of the mantle lithosphere underneath Archaean continents and models for its origin 175 Download as PDF
Article: Tectono-thermal history of Hartford, Deerfield, Newark and Taylorsville Basins, eastern United States, using fission-track-analysis 187 Download as PDF
Article: Excess Ar geochemistry in potassic volcanites 205 Download as PDF
Article: Geochronology and Sr isotope geochemistry of late-Hercynian dykes from Sardinia 221 Download as PDF
Article: Eclogitic shear zones in a granulite-facies anorthosite complex : field relationships and an emplacement scenario : an example from the Bergen Arcs, Western Norway 231 Download as PDF
Article: Geochemistry of clinopyroxenes in plutonic and volcanic sequences from the Yanbian Proterozoic ophiolites (Sichuan Province, China) : petrogenetic and geotectonic implications 243 Download as PDF
Article: Relics of high pressure metamorphism in the Lepontine Alps (Switzerland) : 40Ar/39Ar and microprobe analyses on white K-micas 261 Download as PDF
Article: Analyses K-Ar, Rb-Sr et minéralogiques des fractions argileuses de sédiments quaternaires, Atlantique N-E : résultats préliminaires 275 Download as PDF
Article: La microplaque de l'île de Pâques (Pacifique Sud Oriental) : variations isotopiques Pb-Sr-Nd 281 Download as PDF
Article: Pillow lavas : comparaisons entre le paléovolcanisme et les coulées des dorsales océaniques 287 Download as PDF
Article: Mafic-ultramafic rock associations in the Aar, Gotthard and Tavetsch massifs of the Helvetic domain in the Central Swiss Alps : markers of ophiolitic pre-Variscan sutures, reworked by polymetamorphic events? 295 Download as PDF
Article: Superstructures, (Si,Al) and H2O ordering in armenite BaCa2Al6Si9O30 • 2H2O 301 Download as PDF
Article: Compte-rendu de l'excursion de la Société suisse de minéralogie et pétrographie dans le Queyras (zone piémontaise des Alpes cottiennes françaises) et le Champsaur (zone externe des Alpes occidentales françaises), Hautes-Alpes, France (1-3 octobre 1990) 305 Download as PDF
Association News: Bericht über die 65. Hauptversammlung der Schweizerischen Mineralogischen und Petrographischen Gesellschaft in Genf 325 Download as PDF
Table of Contents _ Download as PDF
Issue 3 _
Article: An uranium series disequilibrium investigetion of reduction spheroids in red beds 333 Download as PDF
Article: La présence de Sb-rutile dans les concentrations manganésifères de St. Marcel-Praborna (V. Aoste - Italie) 341 Download as PDF
Article: Columbite (Fe,Mn)(Nb,Ta)2O6 in the pegmatites of the calc-alkaline Bergell intrusion (southest Central Alps) 349 Download as PDF
Article: The plutonic rocks of the Meissen massif (Germany) : evidence for open and closed system fractionation processes 371 Download as PDF
Article: Geochemistry and tectonic significance of Late Hercynian potassic and ultrapotassic magmatism in the Aar Massif (Central Alps) 391 Download as PDF
Article: The reaction between olivine and plagioclase as a consequence of fluid-rock interactions during sub-seafloor metamorphism (Al-Mg-gabbros, Northern Apennine ophiolites, Italy) 405 Download as PDF
Article: Eclogites from the Minugrat, Siviez-Mischabel nappe (Valais, Switzerland) 415 Download as PDF
Article: The formation of fibrolite nodules in a package of melanocratic gneisses from the Hercynian basement of NE Sardinia, Italy 427 Download as PDF
Article: Relics of high-pressure metamorphism in different lithologies of the Central Alps, an updated inventory 441 Download as PDF
Article: Deconvolution of the first "illite" basal reflection 453 Download as PDF
Article: Solid solutions in mineral nomenclature 463 Download as PDF
Rubric: New minerals recently approved by the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names, International Mineralogical Association 467 Download as PDF
Association News: 67. Ordentliche Generalversammlung 1992 in Basel 473 Download as PDF
Association News: IMA NEWS 476 Download as PDF
Index: Author Index, Keyword Index 477 Download as PDF
Index: Jahresinhaltsverzeichnis 485 Download as PDF
Table of Contents _ Download as PDF

The journal Schweizerische Mineralogische und Petrographische Mitteilungen "Swiss Bulletin of Mineralogy and Petrology" was published in three issues per year by Stäubli Verlag AG Zurich. It published papers of international level in mineralogy, petrography, geochemistry, structural geology, isotope geology, ore deposits, applied mineralogy and related fields.

The final volume 85/2-3 (2005) of SMPM/SBMP appeared in 2007. Since 2007, papers published by the society appear in the new Swiss Journal of Geosciences .

For more information on the journal, please go to:

The Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology is a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences and is represented in commissions of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) and the European Mineralogical Union (EMU) . The society organizes annual meetings, special symposia and excursions.


Most back volumes between 1952 and 2005 and some older volumes are available at Stäubli Verlag:

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