Freiburger Geschichtsblätter

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Volume 69 (1992) _
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Article: Hans von Waltheyms Pilgerreise und sein Besuch in Freiburg (1474) 7 Download as PDF
Article: Gusseiserne Ofenplatten des 16. Jahrhunderts im Kanton Freiburg 41 Download as PDF
Chapter I: Einleitung 41 Download as PDF
Chapter II: Katalog 49 Download as PDF
Chapter III: Ausführungen zu den einzelnen Platten 80 Download as PDF
Chapter IV: Zusammenfassung 99 Download as PDF
Bibliography: Bibliographie 102 Download as PDF
Article: Der Freiburger Nicolas de Gady und seine Kompanie im Schweizer Emigrantenregiment Bachmann im 2. Koalitionskrieg (1799-1801) 105 Download as PDF
Preface: Einleitung 105 Download as PDF
Chapter 1: Nicolas de Gady (1766-1840) 106 Download as PDF
Chapter 2: Die Lage in Europa 109 Download as PDF
Chapter 3: Die militärische Schweizer Emigration 111 Download as PDF
Chapter 4: Der fremde Dienst während der Helvetik 117 Download as PDF
Chapter 5: Das Regiment Bachmann 1799-1801 120 Download as PDF
Chapter 6: Die Kompanie Gady 129 Download as PDF
Chapter 7: Gadys "Reflexions" zu den Feldzügen 1799-1801 137 Download as PDF
Chapter : Edition : "Quelques reflexions sur les campagnes de 1799, 1800 et 1801 avec un narré succint de ce qui regarde le Rgt. Suisse de Bachmann 141 Download as PDF
Appendix: Anhänge 198 Download as PDF
Book review: Rezensionen 209 Download as PDF
Association News: Jahresbericht des Präsidenten 221 Download as PDF
Index: Inhalt der früheren Bände 227 Download as PDF

The review of the swiss german Society of history of Fribourg is published every year since 1894. The Freiburger Geschichtsblätter contains scientific articles of the history of the canton in german, rarely in french. Reviews and miscellanies compose one of the most important part of each issue. Different index are available on the web site of the society.

Founded in 1893, the swiss german Society of history of Fribourg is committed to the research of the history of the canton of Fribourg (included the research prize since 2007). It involves in preservation of the historical values of the canton of Fribourg, engages to publish the historical notes Freiburger (yearly contribution of each member), takes part of publication of historical works and organizes of conferences, tours and outings.


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