Jahresbericht des Bündnerischen Lehrervereins

The Bündner Schulblatt is the official publication of the Verband der Bündner Lehrpersonen. It is therefore the information sheet for schools in Graubünden. The c anton Graubünden and the Schulbehördenverband Graubünden take part in it and use the Bündner Schulblatt as an information channel for all those involved in Graubünden primary schools.

Last but not least, the Bündner Schulblatt is a widely read professional journal in the Swiss educational landscape, in the tradition of its predecessor, the Jahresbericht des Bündner Lehrervereins, which has long contributed to teachers' continuing education. The main themes in each issue of the Bündner Schulblatt highlight important current topics in the (Graubünden) primary school arena.



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