Freiburger Geschichtsblätter

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Volume 77 (2000) _
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Article: Die Waldenserinnen von Freiburg i. Ü. (1399-1430) : quellenkritische Beobachtungen zum Anteil der Frauen an den spätmittelalterlichen Häresien 7 Download as PDF
Article: "Es ist gelogen, was man singt" : die Freiburger Waldenser und die neue Orgel der Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus (1426-1427) 27 Download as PDF
Article: Portrait d'une ville au moyen âge tardif : testaments fribourgeois du XVe siècle : les registres de Berhard Chaucy et de Jacob de Canali 51 Download as PDF
Preface: Introduction 51 Download as PDF
Chapter I: Les registres de testaments RN 33/1 de Berhard Chaucy et RN 30 de Jacob de Canali 52 Download as PDF
Chapter II: Les testateuers et les motifs de l'élaboration de leur testament 58 Download as PDF
Afterword: Conclusion 97 Download as PDF
Appendix: Annexe 99 Download as PDF
Chapter : Zusammenfassung 103 Download as PDF
Article: Wozu braucht man Hexen? : Herrschaft und Verfolgung in Châtel-Saint-Denis (1444-1465) 107 Download as PDF
Article: "Geyssen oder Böck, vil oder wenig" : das Tier in den Murtener Ratsmanualen und Rechnungen des 15. bis 18. Jahrhunderts 131 Download as PDF
Article: Das Freiburger Strafgesetzbuch von 1849 153 Download as PDF
Article: Siebenbürgen : Kolonistenland am Rande Europas 177 Download as PDF
Rubric: Miszelle 191 Download as PDF
Book review: Rezensionen 205 Download as PDF
Association News: Jahresbericht des Präsidenten 213 Download as PDF

The review of the swiss german Society of history of Fribourg is published every year since 1894. The Freiburger Geschichtsblätter contains scientific articles of the history of the canton in german, rarely in french. Reviews and miscellanies compose one of the most important part of each issue. Different index are available on the web site of the society.

Founded in 1893, the swiss german Society of history of Fribourg is committed to the research of the history of the canton of Fribourg (included the research prize since 2007). It involves in preservation of the historical values of the canton of Fribourg, engages to publish the historical notes Freiburger (yearly contribution of each member), takes part of publication of historical works and organizes of conferences, tours and outings.


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