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Band 95 (2020)
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Artikel: Smooth zero-entropy diffeomorphisms with ergodic derivative extension 1
Artikel: Failure of the integral Hodge conjecture for threefolds of Kodaira dimension zero 27
Artikel: Quasi-isometric embeddings of non-uniform lattices 37
Artikel: The collapsing geometry of almost Ricci-flat 4-manifolds 79
Artikel: Kazhdan constants, continuous probability measures with large Fourier coefficients and rigidity sequences 99
Artikel: Boundary rigidity of negatively-curved asymtotically hyperbolic surfaces 129
Artikel: Non-existence of geometric minimal foliations in hyperbolic three-manifolds 167
Artikel: On the universality of the Epstein zeta function 183
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Artikel: Simple groups of birational transformations in dimension two 211
Artikel: Poisson brackets of partitions of unity on surfaces 247
Artikel: Singular genuine rigidity 279
Artikel: Rational equivalence and Lagrangian tori on K3 surfaces 301
Artikel: Algebraic varieties are homeomorphic to varieties defined over number fields 339
Artikel: Connected components of strata of Abelian differentials over Teichmüller space 361
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Artikel: The action spectrum characterizes closed contact 3-manifolds all of whose Reeb orbits are closed 461
Artikel: The Liouville property and random walks on topological groups 483
Artikel: Hyperbolic surfaces with sublinearly many systoles that fill 515
Artikel: Squeezing Lagrangian tori in dimension 4 535
Artikel: Rigidity of center Lyapunov exponents and s u-integrability 569
Artikel: Fractal geometry of the complement of Lagrange spectrum in Markov spectrum 593
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Artikel: Free rational points on smooth hypersurfaces 635
Artikel: Essential dimension of representations of algebras 661
Artikel: The Euler characteristic of Out(Fn) 703
Artikel: On Borel Anosov representations in even dimensions 749
Artikel: On the decomposability of mod 2 cohomological invariants of Weyl groups 765
Artikel: Involutions and Chern numbers of varieties 811
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