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Volume 73 (2018)
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Article: Finding periodic solutions without finding eigenvalues 1
Article: Tiling by incongruent equilateral triangles without requiring local finiteness, Part II 15
Article: On some irrational decimal fractions, revisited 23
Article: A short combinatorial proof of derangement identity 29
Article: An algorithm for nontransitive partitions 34
Rubric: Aufgaben 37
Book review: Rezensionen 44
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Issue 2 _
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Article: Tetraeder mit inhaltsgleichen Seitenflächen 45
Article: Distances in rectangles and parallelograms 56
Article: Thue's lemma in Z[i] and Lagrange's four-square theorem 60
Article: Tile the group 66
Article: Zur Entstehung der Mengenlehre I : aus Briefen zwischen Richard Dedekind und Georg Canto 74
Rubric: Aufgaben 81
Book review: Rezensionen 86
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Issue 3 _
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Article: An extension of the Lobachevsky formula 89
Article: Jakob Hermanns Lösung des Kepler-Problems mit einer Erhaltungsgrösse 95
Article: A few simple Levi-Civita functional equations on groups 109
Article: Zur Entstehung der Mengenlehre II : aus Briefen zwischen Richard Dedekind und Georg Cantor 122
Article: Eine Dobiński-Reihe für die Anzahl surjektiver Abbildungen 130
Article: 3 in 1 : a simple way to prove that er, ln(r) and π2 are irrational 133
Article: A short and elementary proof of the structure theorem for finitely generated modules over PIDs 136
Rubric: Aufgaben 139
Book review: Rezensionen 144
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Issue 4 _
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Article: Calculus style proof of Poncelet's theorem for two ellipses 145
Article: The Lucas property for linear recurrences of second order 151
Article: Walking on rational numbers and a self-referential formula 161
Article: How to find your soulmate : set your goal vs. aim at dating sites 170
Article: F. Commandino, de centro gravitatis solidorum, 1565 179
Rubric: Aufgaben 182
Book review: Rezensionen 187
Table of Contents 189
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