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Volume 67 (2001)
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Download as PDF Article: Trends of vegetation change in colline and submontane climax forests in Switzerland 3
Download as PDF Article: Responses od 21 wetland species to shortages of light, nitrogen and phosphorus 13
Download as PDF Article: Spatially specific simulation of the long-term development of a subalpine pasture in the Swiss National Park 27
Download as PDF Article: Effects of light and nutrient supply on the growth and competitive ability of five Carex species 41
Download as PDF Article: Shifts in abundance of fen-meadow species along a nutrient gradient in a field experiment 57
Download as PDF Article: Research Project : life-history and genetic variation of native vs. introduced populations of the perennial Solidago gigantea Ait. (Asteraceae) 73
Download as PDF Article: Research Project : ecology of transgenic crop plants expressing insecticidal Bt δ-endotoxins : effects on trophic interactions and biodiversity of insect pollinators, non-target herbivores and natural enemies 79
Download as PDF Article: Research Project : transgene flow from crops to wild plants, consequences for associated insects and implications for hybrid fitness 89
Download as PDF Article: Research Project : development of growth rings in roots of dicotyledonous perennial herbs : experimental analysis of exological factors 97
Download as PDF Rubric: Summaries of diploma and PhD theses (2000) 107
Download as PDF Association News: Annual report of the Geobotanical Institute ETH (2000) 129
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