Taschenbücher der Historischen Gesellschaft des Kantons Aargau

The Taschenbuch der Historischen Gesellschaft (Historical society handbook) was published between 1860 and 1929 and presented articles on the history of the Swiss canton of Aargau.

The HGA is the central point for historical research in the Canton of Aargau. It is active in the field of publication and maintains close links with the cantonal public records office, working together with local historical associations to provide a connection between them and historiography work at cantonal level. It also organises conferences, courses and excursions.


  • Historische Gesellschaft des Kantons Aargau
  • Sekretariat
  • Bernadette Schenkel
  • Postfach
  • CH-5001 Aargau
  • Tel: +41 62 824 86 59

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Title:Taschenbücher der Historischen Gesellschaft des Kantons Aargau

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