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Volume 82 (2002)
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Issue 1 _
Download as PDF Article: Petrology and geochemistry of a municipal solid waste incinerator residue treated at high temperature 1
Download as PDF Article: Fluids in the system forsterite-phlogopite-H2O at 60 kbar 15
Download as PDF Article: Epitactic hedenbergite whiskers on babingtonite, a second occurrence from a Triassic basalt at Lincoln Park near Paterson, New Jersey, USA 25
Download as PDF Article: Application of combustion and DTA-TGA analysis to the study of metamorphic organic matter 33
Download as PDF Article: The age and structure of dikes along the tectonic contact of the Ivrea-Verbano and Strona-Ceneri Zones (southern Alps, Northern Italy, Switzerland) 55
Download as PDF Article: Late orogenic evolution of the Variscan lithosphere : Nd isotopic constraints from the western Alps 77
Download as PDF Article: Hydrothermal scapolite related to the contact metamorphism of the Maladeta Plutonic Complex, Pyrenees : chemistry and genetic mechanisms 101
Download as PDF Article: 40AR/39Ar single crystal laser dating of early volcanism in the Upper Rhine Graben and tectonic implications 121
Download as PDF Obituary: In Memoriam Eduard Wenk (4.11.1907-19.10.2001) 131
Download as PDF Obituary: In Memoriam Ernst Niggli (19.9.1917-7.12.2001) 137
Download as PDF Association News: Paul Niggli-Stiftung 143
Download as PDF Table of Contents _
Issue 2: Diagenesis and Low-Grade Metamorphism _
Download as PDF Article: Introduction to the special issue : diagenesis and low-grade metamorphism 147
Download as PDF Article: Mineral homogenization during low-temperature metamorphism. Part 1, Numerical models 151
Download as PDF Article: XRD reflection-intensity ratios in slate slabs as detectors of incipient calcite fabric in slates 169
Download as PDF Article: Evaluation of X-ray diffraction methods for determining the crystal growth mechanisms of clay minerals in mudstones, shales and slates 187
Download as PDF Article: Growth mechanisms of low-grade illites based on shapes of crystal thickness distributions 203
Download as PDF Article: Recognizing illitization progress from diagenesis to very low-grade metamorphism in rocks of the Cantabrian Zone (Spain) 211
Download as PDF Article: PATISSIER : software to estimate the smectite content and number of consecutive illite layers in mixed-layer illite-smectite using illite crystallinitiy data 221
Download as PDF Article: Composition of pumpellyite, epidote and chlorite from New Caledonia : how important are metamorphic grade and whole-rock compositon? 229
Download as PDF Article: Transmission electron microscopy study of carbonaceous material in a metamorphic profile from diagenesis to amphibolite facies (Bündnerschiefer, Eastern Switzerland) 253
Download as PDF Article: Possible effects of tectonic shear strain on phyllosilicates : a case study from the Kandersteg area, Helvetic domain, Central Alps, Switzerland 273
Download as PDF Article: Deformation induced quartz-fluid oxygen isotope exchange during low-grade metomorphism : an example from the Glarus thrust, E Switzerland 291
Download as PDF Article: Chemical and textural characterisation of diagenetic to low-grade metamorphic phyllosilicates in turbidite sandstones of the South Portuguese Zone : a comparison between metapelites and sandstones 303
Download as PDF Article: Correlation of fluid inclusion temperatures with illite "crystallinity" data and clay mineral chemistry in sedimentary rocks from the external part of the Central Alps 325
Download as PDF Article: Hydrothermal amphibole in subgreenschist facies mafic rocks, western Sierra Nevada, California 341
Download as PDF Article: Mineralogic and organic responses to stratigraphic irregularities : an example from the Lower Paleozoic very low-grade metamorphic units of the Eastern Taurus Autochthon, Turkey 355
Download as PDF Article: Diagenesis, low-grade and contact metamorphism in the Triassic-Jurassic of the Vichuquén-Tilicura and Hualañé-Gualleco Basins, Coastal Range of Chile 375
Download as PDF Article: Low-grade metamorphism in the Montagne Noire (S-France) : Conodont Alteration Index (CAI) in Palaeozoic carbonates and implications for the exhumation of a hot metamorphic core complex 393
Download as PDF Article: Chloritoid composition and formation in the eastern Central Alps : a comparison between Penninic and Helvetic occurrences 409
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Issue 3 _
Download as PDF Article: Strain partitioning and fabric evolution as a correlation tool : the example of the Eclogitic Micaschists Complex in the Sesia-Lanzo Zone (Monte Mucrone-Monte Mars, Western Alps, Italy) 429
Download as PDF Article: P,T,X conditions of crystallization of Imperial Topaz from Ouro Preto (Minas Gerais, Brazil) : fluid inclusions, oxygen isotope thermometry, and phase relations 455
Download as PDF Article: Reequilibration of fluid inclusions in garnet and kyanite from metapelites of the Radenthein Complex, Austroalpine Basement, Austria 467
Download as PDF Article: Thermobarometry in eclogites with multipe stages of mineral growth : an example from the Sesia-Lanzo Zone (Western Alps, Italy) 487
Download as PDF Article: Metasomatic alterations at mafic-ultramafic contacts in Valmalenco (Rhetic Alps, N-Italy) 515
Download as PDF Article: Crystal chemistry and structure refinements of barian muscovites from the Berisal Complex, Simplon region, Switzerland 537
Download as PDF Article: "Fe-F and Al-F avoidance rule" in ferrous-aluminous (OH, F) biotites 549
Download as PDF Article: Thermal expansion, compressibility and volumetric changes of quartz obtained by single crystal dilatometry to 700 °C and 3.5 kilobar (0.35 GPa) 561
Download as PDF Index: Jahresinhaltsverzeichnis 576
Download as PDF Table of Contents 580