Histoire des Alpes = Storia delle Alpi = Geschichte der Alpen

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Volume 5 (2000): Ville et montagne = Stadt und Gebirge _
Table of Contents 5 Download as PDF
Preface: Éditorial = Editoriale = Editorial 8 Download as PDF
Article: Città e montagna : presentazione 11 Download as PDF
Article: Les notables de la province romaine des Alpes Cottiennes au Haut-Empire d'après les inscriptions 17 Download as PDF
Article: Aktionsradius und wirtschaftliche Orientierung städtischer Eliten in Tirol im späten Mittelalter 45 Download as PDF
Article: Die mittelalterlichen Städte Sloweniens im Lichte der Verkehrsverbindungen 63 Download as PDF
Article: Städte in den Alpen und in den dinarischen Alpen : das Beispiel Slowenien 77 Download as PDF
Article: Stadt in den Bergen, Stadt in der Ebene : die Beziehungen zum Territorium zwischen spätem Mittelalter und früher Neuzeit 101 Download as PDF
Article: Centri urbani, organizzazione del territorio e vie di traffico nell'area alpina occidentale : Chambéry, Torino e le loro montagne (X-XV secolo) 109 Download as PDF
Article: Le relazioni istituzionali ed economiche fra città e montagna sul versante meridionale delle Alpi orientali nel tardo medioevo : alcuni esempi 125 Download as PDF
Article: Il luogo della mediazone e dello scambio : città e «borghi grossi» Prealpini (secoli XVII-XVIII) 139 Download as PDF
Article: Landwirtschaft und Städtewachstum im Alpenraum (1500-1800) 157 Download as PDF
Article: Salzburg in Salzburg : Landeshauptstadt und Gebirgsgaue in historischer Perspektive 173 Download as PDF
Article: La "città" nelle montagne 189 Download as PDF
Article: La montagna e la città : la dicotomia della percezione russa della Svizzera all'epoca dell'impresa di Suvorov 205 Download as PDF
Article: "... wo das Gemüth gesunden muss" : Gesundheits- und Umwelt- bedingungen in der Gebrigsstadt Innsbruck im 19. Jahrhundert 217 Download as PDF
Article: Die Anfänge des Alpinismus als urbanistisches Phänomen 229 Download as PDF
Article: "... quelques joies au milieu de la nature maussade de l'hiver" : les relations ville-montagne vues à travers l'essor du hockey sur glace en Suisse 241 Download as PDF
Article: L'identité alpine : un enjeu géopolitique pour les villes 251 Download as PDF
Rubric: English summaries 261 Download as PDF

The journal Histoire des Alpes acts on an international level and publishes papers concerning the historical research of the Alps. The diversity of perspectives illustrates how fascinating the exploration of an extensive but yet insufficiently connected area in the heart of Europe can be.

The Internationale Gesellschaft für historische Alpenforschung was founded in October 1995 in Lucerne. It is aimed at all persons and institutions with a scholarly interest in the history of the Alps and wants to bring them closer together.


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Title:Histoire des Alpes = Storia delle Alpi = Geschichte der Alpen

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