Neues Berner Taschenbuch

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Volume 21 (1915): Neues Berner Taschenbuch für das Jahr 1916 I
Table of Contents III Download as PDF
Article: Ludwig Seeger und Jeremias Gotthelf 1 Download as PDF
Article: Von ältern bernischen Portraits und Portraitisten 23 Download as PDF
Article: Pierre Mercier und der Hugenottenteppich in der Berner Ratsstube 83 Download as PDF
Article: Die alte Ratstube : nachträgliche Notizen 116 Download as PDF
Article: Ueber Zwangsarbeit und Gefängniswesen im 17. Jahrhundert 130 Download as PDF
Article: Aus den Erinnerungen des Karl Ludwig Stettlers : Herkunft und Jugendzeit 162 Download as PDF
Article: Kleinigkeiten 210 Download as PDF
Chapter : Einleitung 210 Download as PDF
Chapter : Briefe von Karl Viktor von Bonstetten an Isaak Cornuaud 211 Download as PDF
Chapter : Brief von Albert Bitzius an Professor Samuel Lutz in Bern 216 Download as PDF
Article: Ein Brief des Berner Professors Dr.Gabriel Gustav Valentin von 1839 220 Download as PDF
Article: Novae Deliciae Urbis Bernae oder das goldene Zeitalter Berns von Sigmund von Wagner 226 Download as PDF
Preface 226 Download as PDF
Chapter I: Altväterliche Lebensart 228 Download as PDF
Chapter II: Uebergangsepoche ; Heiratsbewerbungen ; Sonneten 234 Download as PDF
Chapter III: Einführung fremder Sitten 241 Download as PDF
Chapter IV: Prachtleben 247 Download as PDF
Chapter V: Entstehung feinerer Lebensart 256 Download as PDF
Chapter VI: Wissenschaftliche Geistes Ausbildung 261 Download as PDF
Chapter : Anmerkungen 276 Download as PDF
Rubric: Berner Chronik : vom 1. November 1914 bis 1. November 1915 286 Download as PDF

The Berner Taschenbuch was published between 1852 and 1934. After an interruption in 1895, it continued appearing under the title Neues Berner Taschenbuch. Every volume contains roughly ten articles about a variety of subjects concerning the history and culture of the city of Berne, as well as biographies and memoirs. Every volume contains a valuable and useful yearly chronicle documenting crucial events of those days. From 1939 on, the Berner Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Heimatkunde succeeded the Berner Taschenbuch. The journal is published under the title Berner Zeitschrift für Geschichte since 2009.

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DigiBern is a web offer by the University Library of Berne and includes digitized texts and maps pertaining to the history and culture of Berne city and the canton of Berne.


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