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Volume 96 (1986): Botanica Helvetica _
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Issue 1 _
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Obituary: Dr. h.c. Ruben Sutter : 4. Oktober 1916 - 15. Juni 1985 1 Download as PDF
Article: Asplenium adulterinum Milde subsp. presolanense subsp. nova (Aspleniaceae, Pteridophyta) 7 Download as PDF
Article: Colonizing plants with persistent seeds and persistent seedlings (Carex flava group) 19 Download as PDF
Article: Chromosome studies in the Greek flora. I, Karyotypes of some Aegean Angiosperms 27 Download as PDF
Article: Antibiotic activity of some endophytic fungi from Ulex europaeus und Ulex gallii 37 Download as PDF
Article: Reproduction by seed in alpine plants and revegetation research above timberline 43 Download as PDF
Article: Frullania parvistipula Steph. (Hepaticae), neu für die Schweiz 61 Download as PDF
Article: Factors affecting spore germination in Pilobolos crystallinus as evidence for an ancient association between fungi, plants and animals 73 Download as PDF
Article: Eine vegetationskundliche Datenbank der Schweiz 77 Download as PDF
Article: Histologie des Blattes und des Blattbefalls durch Phytophthora palmivora bei Piper nigrum (Schwarzer Pfeffer) 95 Download as PDF
Article: Die Bedeutung der Herbarien als Arbeitsinstrument der botanischen Taxonomie : zur Stellung der organismischen Biologie heute 109 Download as PDF
Issue 2 133
Table of Contents 133 Download as PDF
Article: Neue Chromosomenzählung in der Gattung Salix. 2. Teil 135 Download as PDF
Article: Distribution des cytodèmes d'Anthoxanthum odoratum L. s. lat. en Suisse : les relations Alpes - Jura : index des nombres chromosomiques des spermatophytes de la Suisse. III, Poaceae, Genre Anthoxanthum 145 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Morphologie subfossiler Samen und Früchte aus postglazialen See- und Kulturschichtsedimenten der neolithischen Siedlungsplätze "AKAD-Seehofstrasse" und "Pressehaus" am untersten Zürichsee 159 Download as PDF
Article: Effect of cadmium ions on pigment synthesis in Phaseolus aureus 205 Download as PDF
Article: Levels of purple pigments in leaves of some weeds under natural high irradiance 209 Download as PDF
Article: A monographic study of the genus Sparganium (Sparganiaceae). Part 1, Subgenus Xanthosparganium Holmberg 213 Download as PDF
Article: On Camarops lutea fruiting in culture 269 Download as PDF
Article: Effects of the germination time on enzyme stabilities in extracts from wheat endosperms 273 Download as PDF
Article: Über Thyridium vestitum und sein Anamorph (Ascomycetes) 283 Download as PDF
Article: Probing the surfaces of soybean protoplasts and of germ tubes of the soybean pathogen Phytophthora megasperma f. sp. glycinea with lectins 289 Download as PDF
Article: A search for myosin in elongating hyphae of Neurospora crassa 299 Download as PDF

Botanica Helvetica (formerly “Berichte der Schweizerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft”) is the official publication of the Swiss Botanical Society. The journal has been published biannually since 1890 by Birkhäuser Verlag and receives financial support from the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

Botanica Helvetica features original research articles and short notes, covering all areas of botany. The articles from Swiss and international authors are written in English or in one of the Swiss national languages.


For more information on contents, subscriptions and author guidelines, please visit the website of the Society.

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Title:Botanica Helvetica
Title:Berichte der Schweizerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft = Bulletin de la Société Botanique Suisse

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