Argovia : Jahresschrift der Historischen Gesellschaft des Kantons Aargau

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Volume 103 (1991) 1
Table of Contents 3 Download as PDF
Preface: Zum Geleit 4 Download as PDF
Article: Der Aargau und die Zürcher Unruhen 1804 ("Bockenkrieg") 5 Download as PDF
Table of Contents 5 Download as PDF
Chapter : Einleitung 7 Download as PDF
Chapter 1: Die Situation im Aargau 1803/04 8 Download as PDF
Chapter 2: Die Anfänge des Militärwesen 14 Download as PDF
Chapter 3: Die erste Hilfe 24 Download as PDF
Chapter 4: Das Aargauer Milizbataillon 29 Download as PDF
Chapter 5: Die weiteren eidgenössischen Aufgebote und der Truppeneinsatz 34 Download as PDF
Chapter 6: Der Einsatz 37 Download as PDF
Chapter 7: Die Lage im Aargau 50 Download as PDF
Chapter 8: Militärische und zivile Folgen 59 Download as PDF
Chapter 9: Wertung 74 Download as PDF
Index: Abkürzungen ; Anmerkungen 77 Download as PDF
Appendix 95 Download as PDF
Preface: Berner im Aargau - Aargauer in Bern : vier Jahrhunderte gemeinsame Geschichte 107 Download as PDF
Article: Der bernische Landvogt im Aargau, am Beispiel von Obervogt Niklaus Emanuel Tscharner von Schenkenberg 108 Download as PDF
Article: Die bernische Herrschaft aus der Sicht der Untertanen 113 Download as PDF
Article: Berner im Aargau, Aargauer in Bern (1798-1848) [Kurzfassung] 124 Download as PDF
Article: Johann Rudolf Rudolf oder : Theologie im Wandel der Zeiten 126 Download as PDF
Article: Die Brugger Künstlerfamilie Dünz in Bern - die Berner Künstlerfamilie Bünz in Brugg 139 Download as PDF
Book review: Anzeigen und Besprechungen 153 Download as PDF
Obituary: alt Staatsarchivar Dr. Georg Boner 163 Download as PDF
Association News: Aus dem Leben der Gesellschaft 165 Download as PDF
Rubric: Berichte kantonaler Institutionen 169 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aargauischer Heimatverband 1990 182 Download as PDF
Index: Schriften der Historischen Gesellschaft des Kantons Aargau 198 Download as PDF

"Argovia" is the annual journal of the Historische Gesellschaft des Kantons Aargau (Historical Society of the Canton of Aargau, or HGA), which has been published since 1860. It contains academic articles on the research currently being undertaken into the history of the Aargau as well as bulletins from cantonal institutions and the HGA's annual reports.

The HGA is the central point for historical research in the Canton of Aargau. It is active in the field of publication and maintains close links with the cantonal public records office, working together with local historical associations to provide a connection between them and historiography work at cantonal level. It also organises conferences, courses and excursions.


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