Vox Romanica

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Volume 45 (1986) I
Table of Contents V Download as PDF
Article: Semantische Varianten : das Problem der lexikalischen Mehrdeutigkeit und die Unterscheidung von langue und parole 1 Download as PDF
Article: L'elemento tedesco nel Rovignese contemporaneo dell'antologia Istria Nobilissima 13 Download as PDF
Article: Die Markierung der Nominalkategorien durch den bestimmten Artikel in den Dialekten der Provinz Piacenza 26 Download as PDF
Article: Spunti di fauna bormina 40 Download as PDF
Article: Romanisch und Deutsch im Schanfigg (GR) 55 Download as PDF
Article: Gallus am Bodensee : die Kontakte des Glaubensboten mit Germanen und Romanen in der Nordostschweiz des 7. Jahrhunderts 83 Download as PDF
Article: Art épique et verticalisation : problèmes narratifs dans le Couronnement de Louis 116 Download as PDF
Article: Chivalry in Le Chevalier à l'épée and La Mule sans frein 150 Download as PDF
Article: Hervis de Metz : le griffon et la "fée" 157 Download as PDF
Article: Catalanismos, lusismos y dialectalismos andaluces en un documento de 1380 168 Download as PDF
Article: Apostillas a las "Voces de origen oriental" de A. Steiger 185 Download as PDF
Book review: Besprechungen = Comptes rendus 193 Download as PDF
Rubric: Diskussion = Discussion 327 Download as PDF
Rubric: Büchereingänge = Livres reçus 335 Download as PDF
Rubric: Nachrichten = Chronique 338 Download as PDF
Rubric: Dissertationen 351 Download as PDF
Rubric: Stand einiger periodischer Veröffentlichungen 352 Download as PDF
Rubric: Laufende Arbeiten zum Rätoromanischen 353 Download as PDF
Index: Indices 355 Download as PDF

Annales Helvetici explorandis linguis romanicis destinati VOX ROMANICA is a scholarly journal covering Romance linguistics and philology and appears once a year. Since its foundation in 1936, the journal has been embedded in Swiss Romance studies and is open to research on an international level, while its primary focus lies on issues concerning multilingualism and linguistic minorities. Viewed from a historical and philological perspective, the journal also promotes the exploration of the present Romance varieties and current strategies in linguistic research.


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