Vox Romanica

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Volume 44 (1985) I
Table of Contents V Download as PDF
Preface: Widmung 1 Download as PDF
Article: Panem nostrum cotidianum : zur sprachlichen Wirkung des Paternoster 6 Download as PDF
Article: Das Dekameron und die romanische Tradition : die ausserordentliche Geduld der Griselda 16 Download as PDF
Article: "Machiavelli linguista" 33 Download as PDF
Article: "'l pulman l-è nen ch-a cammina tanto forte" : su commutazione di codice e mescolanza dialetto-italiano 59 Download as PDF
Article: La sintassi dialettale : un capitolo a torto trascurato della dialettologia 77 Download as PDF
Article: Di barba "zio" e di alcuni nomi del "ginepro" : osservazioni su due recenti articoli 87 Download as PDF
Article: Zu den italienisch-deutschen Lehnwortdubletten im Bündnerromanischen 105 Download as PDF
Article: Gallus in Tuggen : zur Frage der deutsch-romanischen Sprachgrenze im Linthgebiet vom 6. bis zum 9. Jahrhundert 125 Download as PDF
Article: Fachsprache im mittelalterlichen Freiburg 156 Download as PDF
Article: Mehrsprachige Rede in Freiburger Ratsmanualen des 15. Jahrhunderts 163 Download as PDF
Article: Coup d'œil dialectométrique sur les Tableaux phonétiques des patois suisses romands (TPPSR) 189 Download as PDF
Article: Le "patois de Paris" et l'histoire du français 234 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Herkunft von fr. bigoudi 259 Download as PDF
Book review: Besprechungen = Comptes rendus 268 Download as PDF
Rubric: Kurzanzeigen = Annonces sommaires 384 Download as PDF
Rubric: Nachrichten = Chronique 394 Download as PDF
Rubric: Dissertationen 404 Download as PDF
Rubric: Stand einiger periodischer Veröffentlichungen 404 Download as PDF
Rubric: Laufende Arbeiten zum Rätoromanischen 405 Download as PDF
Obituary: André Burger : 1896-1985 407 Download as PDF
Index: Indices 410 Download as PDF

Annales Helvetici explorandis linguis romanicis destinati VOX ROMANICA is a scholarly journal covering Romance linguistics and philology and appears once a year. Since its foundation in 1936, the journal has been embedded in Swiss Romance studies and is open to research on an international level, while its primary focus lies on issues concerning multilingualism and linguistic minorities. Viewed from a historical and philological perspective, the journal also promotes the exploration of the present Romance varieties and current strategies in linguistic research.


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