Vox Romanica

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Volume 23 (1964) I
Table of Contents V Download as PDF
Preface: Rückblick und Ausblick 1 Download as PDF
Article: Die Entstehung romanischer Schriftsprachen 3 Download as PDF
Article: La formula di confessione umbra nell'ambito delle formule di confessione latine 22 Download as PDF
Article: Formelhafte Wendungen in den Strassburger Eiden 35 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Sonorisierung palataler Anlautkonsonanz im Westromanischen 56 Download as PDF
Article: Die Etymologie von fr. son "Kleie" 69 Download as PDF
Article: Fragment d'un glossaire latin - ancien français 85 Download as PDF
Article: Zu Komposition und Stil des "Résumé" des Trojaromans (Vers 145-714) 104 Download as PDF
Article: Chasse des taureaux en Espagne 117 Download as PDF
Rubric: Besprechungen 130 Download as PDF
Rubric: Kurzanzeigen 150 Download as PDF
Rubric: Nachrichten 159 Download as PDF
Rubric: Dissertationen 171 Download as PDF
Obituary: Walter Gerster : 1899-1963 173 Download as PDF
Rubric: Stand einiger periodischer Veröffentlichungen 174 Download as PDF
Rubric: Ankündigung 176 Download as PDF
Rubric: Widmung 177 Download as PDF
Bibliography: Bibliographie der Veröffentlichungen von Andrea Schorta 181 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der romanischen Zahlwörter 186 Download as PDF
Article: Les éléments latins dans l'onomastique de l'époque carolingienne 239 Download as PDF
Article: Das Rätoromanische und die Sprachforschung : eine Übersicht 256 Download as PDF
Article: Krankheitsvorstellungen im Spiegel der Sprache 305 Download as PDF
Article: Untersuchungen zur jurassischen Scripta 321 Download as PDF
Book review: Besprechungen 355 Download as PDF
Index: Indices 381 Download as PDF

Annales Helvetici explorandis linguis romanicis destinati VOX ROMANICA is a scholarly journal covering Romance linguistics and philology and appears once a year. Since its foundation in 1936, the journal has been embedded in Swiss Romance studies and is open to research on an international level, while its primary focus lies on issues concerning multilingualism and linguistic minorities. Viewed from a historical and philological perspective, the journal also promotes the exploration of the present Romance varieties and current strategies in linguistic research.


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