Vox Romanica

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Volume 2 (1937) _
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Article: Zum burgundischen Wortgut des Frankoprovenzalischen 1 Download as PDF
Article: Frz. brancard, bayart, bard "Bahre" 24 Download as PDF
Article: Medius et ses dérivés romands 34 Download as PDF
Article: Die Deszendenz von Bellus in den westschweizerischen Mundarten 47 Download as PDF
Article: Soda 53 Download as PDF
Article: La castagna nell'alta Italia e nella Svizzera italiana 77 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Syntax der Inschriften und Aufschriften 104 Download as PDF
Article: Plan und Rechtfertigung eines Kartenwerks der Schweizerischen Volkskunde 136 Download as PDF
Article: A propos d'un nouveau livre sur le gascon 147 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Geschichte des Skis 170 Download as PDF
Book review: Comptes rendus = Besprechungen = Recensioni 173 Download as PDF
Rubric: Chronique = Nachrichten = Cronaca 292 Download as PDF
Rubric: Linguistische Dissertationen 326 Download as PDF
Rubric: Stand einiger periodischer Veröffentlichungen 328 Download as PDF
Obituary: Albert Barth : 19. Februar 1881 - 21. Juni 1936 331 Download as PDF
Obituary: Antoine Meillet 334 Download as PDF
Obituary: Wilhelm Meyer-Lübke (30. Januar 1861 - 4. Oktober 1936) 336 Download as PDF
Article: Synchronie et Diachronie 345 Download as PDF
Article: Les noms de trois vieux cépages valaisans : l'arvine, la rèze et la durize 353 Download as PDF
Article: Wie Dantes Vers entstand 369 Download as PDF
Article: Eine sterbende Mundart : Romont-Plagne (Berner Jura) 394 Download as PDF
Article: A propos d'un nouveau livre sur le gascon 447 Download as PDF
Rubric: Miscellanea 466 Download as PDF
Obituary: In memoriam : Oscar Bloch (1877-1937) 478 Download as PDF
Index: Indices 481 Download as PDF

Annales Helvetici explorandis linguis romanicis destinati VOX ROMANICA is a scholarly journal covering Romance linguistics and philology and appears once a year. Since its foundation in 1936, the journal has been embedded in Swiss Romance studies and is open to research on an international level, while its primary focus lies on issues concerning multilingualism and linguistic minorities. Viewed from a historical and philological perspective, the journal also promotes the exploration of the present Romance varieties and current strategies in linguistic research.


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