Thurgauische Beiträge zur vaterländischen Geschichte

The Thurgau historical association publishes this series annually since 1861, entitled Thurgauische Beiträge zur vaterländischen Geschichte from volume 1 (1861) to 124 (1987) and Thurgauer Beiträge zur Geschichte since volume 125 (1988). The publication series include edited volumes as well as monographs.

The Thurgau historical association was founded November 3th 1859 with the aim to investigate the canton's past and to communicate findings to the association's members as well as to the public. This happens through general meetings including guided visits, event cycles, excursions and publications: the Thurgauisches Urkundenbuch was completed in eight volumes, the Quellen zur Thurgauer Geschichte are published intermittently, the Thurgauer Beiträge zur Geschichte annually.


  • Historischer Verein des Kantons Thurgau
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Title:Thurgauer Beiträge zur Geschichte
Title:Thurgauische Beiträge zur vaterländischen Geschichte

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