Mémoires et observations recueillies par la Société Oeconomique de Berne

The Oekonomische Gesellschaft Bern (OeG Bern) was founded in 1759. In 1890, its name was changed to Oekonomische und Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft des Kantons Bern (OGG, www.ogg.ch).

Just like the many other economic societies that were founded during the second half of the 18th century, the OeG was aimed at acquiring and disseminating so called "useful knowledge" with regard to reforms in economy, society and politics. The OeG Bern has been and still is one of the most significant actors among these agrarian and social reform movements.

The Abhandlungen/Mémoires of the OeG Bern were published from 1760 to 1773, in 1779, 1782, 1785 and 1796, bilingually in the beginning. The journal changed title several times and comprises 46 volumes in German and 42 volumes in French.

Digitization was carried out through DigiBern. DigiBern (www.digibern.ch) is a gateway to Berne's history and culture provided by the University Library of Bern. It includes digitized books, journals, magazines, maps, and other resources.

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Title:Mémoires et observations recueillies par la Société Oeconomique de Berne

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