Schweizerische numismatische Rundschau = Revue suisse de numismatique = Rivista svizzera di numismatica

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Volume 76 (1997) _
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Article: Konkordanz und Nachtrag zum Münzfund von Selinunte 1923 (IGCH 2084) 5 Download as PDF
Article: Eine seleukidische Münzstätte in Areia (Artakoana/Alexandreia) 29 Download as PDF
Article: The hero Solymos on the coinage of Termessos Major 41 Download as PDF
Article: Roma ed il regno di Macedonia : i loro conflitti nello studio di alcune documentazioni numismatiche 65 Download as PDF
Article: Vergil's siren on the coins of 19 BC 75 Download as PDF
Article: Münzen und Münzstätten der gallisch-römischen Kaiser. Teil I 103 Download as PDF
Article: Vom Umgang mit Zufall und Wahrscheinlichkeit in der numismatischen Forschung 135 Download as PDF
Article: Deniers et bractéates des comtes de Neuchâtel au XIVe siècle 163 Download as PDF
Article: Monete italiane nell' "ordonnantie ende placcaet" di Anversa del 1622 195 Download as PDF
Article: Neuchâtel : faux batz à la fin du 18e siècle 231 Download as PDF
Rubric: Kommentare zur Literatur über antike Numismatik 263 Download as PDF
Book review: Die Münzprägung von Ephesos I. Die Anfänge : die ältesten Prägungen und der Beginn der Münzprägung überhaupt [Stefan Karwiese] 263 Download as PDF
Book review: Greek Coinages of Southern Italy and Sicily [N.K. Rutter] 269 Download as PDF
Book review: The Coinage of Heraclea Lucaniae [Frances van Keuren] 271 Download as PDF
Book review: Les imitations des monnaies d'Alexandre le Grand et de Thasos [Ivo Lukanc] 277 Download as PDF
Book review: Die Homonoia-Verbindungen der Stadt Pergamon, oder Der Versuch einer kleinasiatischen Stadt, unter römischer Herrschaft eigenständige Politik zu betreiben [Ursula Kampmann] 281 Download as PDF
Book review: The Silver Coinage of Caesarea in Cappadocia, Vespasian-Commodus [William E. Metcalf] 285 Download as PDF
Book review: Constantinopolis und Roma, Stadtpersonifikationen der Spätantike [Gudrun Bühl] 291 Download as PDF
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The Swiss Numismatic Review (SNR) is one of the two peer reviewed multilingual journals of the Swiss Numismatic Society. Containing articles of the highest scientific level in the field of international numismatics and economic history from antiquity to modern times, the RSN is also known as a main publication for Swiss numismatics.

The high quality standard of the RSN is guaranteed by its editors and the Editorial Board who are responsible for the evaluation of submitted manuscripts.

The Swiss Numismatic Society (SNS) promotes all branches of numismatic science through its publications dealing with classical, medieval and modern coins, paper money and medals and by supporting numismatic publications in general.
The Society was founded in 1879 and is a registered non-profit organization. It is the overall Swiss association of individuals and institutions with an interest in ancient and modern numismatics.

The Society is therefore a member of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences.



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Title:Schweizerische numismatische Rundschau = Revue suisse de numismatique = Rivista svizzera di numismatica
Title:Revue suisse de numismatique = Schweizerische numismatische Rundschau
Title:Bulletin de la Société suisse de Numismatique

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