Schweizerische numismatische Rundschau = Revue suisse de numismatique = Rivista svizzera di numismatica

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Volume 43 (1963) _
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Preface: Introduction 5 Download as PDF
Article: Histoire du cabinet des médailles de Lausanne 7 Download as PDF
Article: Schweizerische Münzen in niederländischen Münztarifen 25 Download as PDF
Article: Le trésor d'Aumont 39 Download as PDF
Article: Un trésor de gros tournois : découvert à Lausanne, en 1960 53 Download as PDF
Chapter : Table des matières 53 Download as PDF
Chapter 1: Introduction 53 Download as PDF
Chapter 2: La trouvaille 54 Download as PDF
Chapter 3: La situation en Europe au milieu du XIVe siècle 56 Download as PDF
Chapter 4: Les monnaies 58 Download as PDF
Chapter 5: La monnaie à Lausanne et dans le Pays de Vaud au milieu du XVIe siècle 62 Download as PDF
Chapter 6: Les trouvailles de gros tournois 64 Download as PDF
Chapter 7: Classification des gros tournois 69 Download as PDF
Chapter 8: Le site de la cachette 74 Download as PDF
Chapter 9: Qui peut avoir enfoui ce trésor et pourquoi 77 Download as PDF
Chapter 10: De la valeur de trésor 78 Download as PDF
Chapter 11: Date de l'enfouissement de notre trésor 79 Download as PDF
Chapter 12: Catalogue de la trouvaille de la Cité 81 Download as PDF
Chapter 13: Tableau des pièces photographiées avec indication de leur poids 107 Download as PDF
Appendix: Planches _ Download as PDF
Article: Une escarcelle à aumônes en poterie du XIVe siècle 113 Download as PDF
Article: La trouvaille de Chillon 115 Download as PDF
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The Swiss Numismatic Review (SNR) is one of the two peer reviewed multilingual journals of the Swiss Numismatic Society. Containing articles of the highest scientific level in the field of international numismatics and economic history from antiquity to modern times, the RSN is also known as a main publication for Swiss numismatics.

The high quality standard of the RSN is guaranteed by its editors and the Editorial Board who are responsible for the evaluation of submitted manuscripts.

The Swiss Numismatic Society (SNS) promotes all branches of numismatic science through its publications dealing with classical, medieval and modern coins, paper money and medals and by supporting numismatic publications in general.
The Society was founded in 1879 and is a registered non-profit organization. It is the overall Swiss association of individuals and institutions with an interest in ancient and modern numismatics.

The Society is therefore a member of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences.



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Title:Schweizerische numismatische Rundschau = Revue suisse de numismatique = Rivista svizzera di numismatica
Title:Revue suisse de numismatique = Schweizerische numismatische Rundschau
Title:Bulletin de la Société suisse de Numismatique

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