Schweizerische mineralogische und petrographische Mitteilungen = Bulletin suisse de minéralogie et pétrographie

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Volume 68 (1988) _
Issue 1 _
Article: The zonation of granitic plutons : the "failed ring-dyke" hypothesis 1 Download as PDF
Article: Dazite, High-Alumina-Basalte und Andesite als Produkte der amphiboldominierter Differentation (Aegina und Methana, ägäischer Inselbogen) 21 Download as PDF
Article: Bau und Geschichte des zentralen Teils der Margna-Decke 41 Download as PDF
Article: Petrographie, Mineralchemie und Metamorphose von Metasedimenten der Sondierbohrung Sta. Maria I, Lukmanierpass 55 Download as PDF
Article: Sr-bearing stilbite in a quartz-monzonite from Vathi, Kilkis, Northern Greece 67 Download as PDF
Article: Métamorphisme transporté dans les Préalpes 77 Download as PDF
Article: Nomenclature of pyroxenes 95 Download as PDF
Table of Contents _ Download as PDF
Issue 2 _
Article: Sur la variation de la composition ponctuelle des termes de la série isostructurale : Cryptomélane-Hollandite-Coronadite et les conditions de gisement 113 Download as PDF
Article: Cervandonite-(Ce), (Ce,Nd,La)(Fe3+,Fe2+,Ti4+,Al)3SiAs(Si,As)O13, a new alpine fissure mineral 125 Download as PDF
Article: Metasomatic zonation of REE in zirconolite from a marble skarn at the Bergell contact aureole (Switzerland / Italy) 133 Download as PDF
Article: OH-rich topaz from alpine fissures in triassic dolomites near Lugnez, Graubünden (mesozoic cover of Gotthard Massif, Swiss Alps) 141 Download as PDF
Article: Rapid subsidence and upthrusting in the Northern Apennines, deduced by fluid inclusion studies in quartz crystals from Porretta Terme 157 Download as PDF
Article: Discontinuous inverse metamorphic zonation, Glarus Alps, Switzerland : evidence from illite "crystallinity" data 171 Download as PDF
Article: Identification de mélanges de micas blancs par diffraction des rayons X : application à des séries carbonatées faiblement métamorphisées 185 Download as PDF
Article: The influence of sediment lithification on K-Ar ages and chemical zoning of glauconites 203 Download as PDF
Article: The transition from crossite to actinolite in metabasites of the Combin unit in Vallée St. Barthélemy (Aosta, Italy) 215 Download as PDF
Article: Comparison between two types of coronitic eclogites from the Western Alps : implications for a pre-eclogitic evolution 225 Download as PDF
Rubric: Paul Niggli : Kolloquium zum 100. Geburtstag 237 Download as PDF
Article: Paul Niggli : 26. Juni 1888 - 13. Januar 1953 : einige Gedanken zu seinem 100. Geburtstag 239 Download as PDF
Article: Paul Niggli and petrology : order out of chaos 243 Download as PDF
Article: The symmetry of a point in a lattice : beginning and future 257 Download as PDF
Article: Paul Niggli's contribution to stereochemistry 267 Download as PDF
Article: Paul Niggli und die Materialwissenschaften 273 Download as PDF
Rubric: Verleihung der Paul Niggli-Medaille 279 Download as PDF
Obituary: Hans Peter Eugster : 1925-1987 283 Download as PDF
Table of Contents _ Download as PDF
Issue 3: Geodynamik des eurpäoschen Variszikums : Kaledonisch-Variszische Strukturen in den Alpen _
Article: Caledonian-Variscan structures in the Alps : an introduction 291 Download as PDF
Article: From orogenic to anorogenic environments : evidence from associated magmatic episodes 301 Download as PDF
Article: The Variscan plate tectonic evolution : an improved "Iapetus model" 313 Download as PDF
Article: Block-diagram of the Variscan Cordillera in Central Europe 335 Download as PDF
Article: The Variscan orogeny in the Austroalpine and Southalpine domains of the Eastern Alps 339 Download as PDF
Article: Ordovician-Silurian geodynamic evolution of the Alps : the orogeny back-arc basin model 351 Download as PDF
Article: Geodynamic aspects of the Silurian and Early Devonian sedimentation in the Paleozoic of Graz (Eastern Alps) 359 Download as PDF
Article: Geodynamic evolution of the Sausal Paleozoic (Eastern Alps) 369 Download as PDF
Article: Lower Paleozoic volcanic evolution at the northwestern border of the Gurktal nappe, Upper Austroalpine, Eastern Alps 381 Download as PDF
Article: Deformation und Metamorphose im ostalpinen Altkristallin südlich des Tauernfensters (südliche Deferegger Alpen, Österreich) 397 Download as PDF
Article: Hinweise auf die Existenz eines passiven Kontinentalrandes im Altpaläozoikum der nördlichen Grauwackerzone, Ostalpen 407 Download as PDF
Article: Geotektonische Neuinterpretation des basischen Magmatismus der Nördlichen Grauwackenzone, Ostalpen : ein Überblick 419 Download as PDF
Article: The "Cetic Massif" below the Eastern Alps - characterized by its granitoids 433 Download as PDF
Article: Petrology of eclogites from the Saualpe, Austria 441 Download as PDF
Article: Evolution of the Silvretta eclogites : metamorphic and magmatic events 467 Download as PDF
Article: Archaean zircons retrograded, Caledonian eclogite of the Gotthard Massif (Central Alps, Switzerland) 485 Download as PDF
Article: Variscan tectonic evolution in the Central Alps : a working hypothesis 491 Download as PDF
Article: Vulkanoklastite im östlichen Aarmassiv (Val Russein, Graubünden) 501 Download as PDF
Article: Indications of Variscan nappe tectonics in the Aar Massif 509 Download as PDF
Article: Organisation géochimique et intrusion du granite du Mont Blanc et de deux leucogranites 521 Download as PDF
Article: The geology of the Belledonne massif : an overview (external crystalline massifs of the Western Alps) 531 Download as PDF
Index: Jahresinhaltsverzeichnis 543 Download as PDF
Table of Contents _ Download as PDF

The journal Schweizerische Mineralogische und Petrographische Mitteilungen "Swiss Bulletin of Mineralogy and Petrology" was published in three issues per year by Stäubli Verlag AG Zurich. It published papers of international level in mineralogy, petrography, geochemistry, structural geology, isotope geology, ore deposits, applied mineralogy and related fields.

The final volume 85/2-3 (2005) of SMPM/SBMP appeared in 2007. Since 2007, papers published by the society appear in the new Swiss Journal of Geosciences .

For more information on the journal, please go to:

The Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology is a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences and is represented in commissions of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) and the European Mineralogical Union (EMU) . The society organizes annual meetings, special symposia and excursions.


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