Schweizerische mineralogische und petrographische Mitteilungen = Bulletin suisse de minéralogie et pétrographie

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Volume 67 (1987) _
Issue 1/2 _
Article: The reaction-isograd kaolinite + quartz = pyrophyllite + H2O, Helvetic Alps, Switzerland 1 Download as PDF
Article: Prä-aargranitische Anatexis, variszische Kontaktmetamorphose und alpidische Regionalmetamorphose im Oberhasli (zentrales Aarmassiv, Schweiz) 13 Download as PDF
Article: Le massif du Simplon : réflexions sur la cinématique des nappes de gneiss 27 Download as PDF
Article: Coexisting rhodonite and pyroxmangite in the system MnSiO3-CaSiO3-MgSiO3-FeSiO3 as a geothermometer 47 Download as PDF
Article: Derivation and application of a solution model for calcic garnet 53 Download as PDF
Article: The tremolite veins of Campolungo and their genesis 75 Download as PDF
Article: Braunite and red phengite from Vals, Grisons (Switzerland) 85 Download as PDF
Article: Geochemische Untersuchungen an Mineralien der Crichtonit-Gruppe aus alpinen Zerrklüften 93 Download as PDF
Article: Gasparite-(Ce) and monazite-(Nd) : two new minerals to the monazite group from the Alps 103 Download as PDF
Article: Présence de zincocopiapite en Valais 115 Download as PDF
Article: Orthopyroxenes from the Embilipitya area in Sri Lanka 119 Download as PDF
Article: A guide to plagioclase twinning, and an urge to further research on its petrological significance 127 Download as PDF
Article: Two ovardite occurrences in the Piemonte ophiolite nappe of the Cottian Alps (NW Italy) and their significance for the process of ovarditization 137 Download as PDF
Article: Comparative major and trace element geochemistry of gabbroic and volcanic rock sequences, Mongenèvre ophiolite, Western Alps 147 Download as PDF
Article: Age potassium-argon de galets andésitiques des grès Champsaur (Hautes-Alpes, France) 171 Download as PDF
Article: Procedures involving the I.M.A. Commission on new minerals and mineral names, and guidelines on mineral nomenclature 185 Download as PDF
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Issue 3 _
Article: TI+, Pb2+, and Bi3+ bonding and ordening in sulfides and sulfosalts 213 Download as PDF
Article: Etude de la schmiederite de la mine Condor, La Rioja (Sierra de Cacheuta) Argentine, un séléniate et sélénite hydraté de plomb et de cuivre 219 Download as PDF
Article: Découverte de clinochlore manganésifère à Falotta, Grisons, Suisse 225 Download as PDF
Article: Les schistes œillés albitiques de Barneuza (Nappe de Siviez-Mischabel, Valais, Suisse) 229 Download as PDF
Article: Conditions P-T du métamorphisme anté-alpin dans la "seconde zone diorito-kinzigitique" (Zone Sesia-Lanzo, Alpes occidentales) 257 Download as PDF
Article: Structuration tectono-métamorphique carbonifère dans le massif de Belledonne (Alpes occidentales françaises) : apport de la géochronologie K/Ar des amphiboles 273 Download as PDF
Article: Radiometric age, thermobarometry and mode of emplacement of the Totalp periodite in the Eastern Swiss Alps 285 Download as PDF
Article: Rb-Sr geochemistry of some Hercynian granitoids overprinted by eo-alpine metamorphism in the Upper Valtellina, Central Alps 295 Download as PDF
Article: Rare earth elements in apatite-rich iron deposits and associated rocks of the Avnik (Bingöl) region, Turkey 307 Download as PDF
Article: Mineralogy and Alpine metamorphism of meta-lamprophyres from the Central Swiss Alps 321 Download as PDF
Article: The HP-LT manganiferous quartzites of Praborna, Piemonte ophiolite nappe, Italian Western Alps 339 Download as PDF
Article: Natural Cd-contents of a Permo-Carboniferous-Mesozoic sequence in a drillhole in Weiach (N-Switzerland) : a contribution to the geochemistry of Cd 361 Download as PDF
Obituary: Conrad Burri : 1900-1987 367 Download as PDF
Association News: Bericht über die 62. Hauptversammlung der Schweizerischen Mineralogischen und Petrographischen Gesellschaft in Luzern 369 Download as PDF
Index: Jahresinhaltsverzeichnis 415 Download as PDF
Table of Contents _ Download as PDF

The journal Schweizerische Mineralogische und Petrographische Mitteilungen "Swiss Bulletin of Mineralogy and Petrology" was published in three issues per year by Stäubli Verlag AG Zurich. It published papers of international level in mineralogy, petrography, geochemistry, structural geology, isotope geology, ore deposits, applied mineralogy and related fields.

The final volume 85/2-3 (2005) of SMPM/SBMP appeared in 2007. Since 2007, papers published by the society appear in the new Swiss Journal of Geosciences .

For more information on the journal, please go to:

The Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology is a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences and is represented in commissions of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) and the European Mineralogical Union (EMU) . The society organizes annual meetings, special symposia and excursions.


Most back volumes between 1952 and 2005 and some older volumes are available at Stäubli Verlag:

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Title:Schweizerische mineralogische und petrographische Mitteilungen = Bulletin suisse de minéralogie et pétrographie

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