Nachrichten des Schweizerischen Burgenvereins = Revue de l'Association Suisse pour Châteaux et Ruines = Rivista dell'Associazione Svizzera per Castelli e Ruine

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Volume 55 (1982) 53
Issue 1 53
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Article: Die Burgstelle Riedflue, Eptingen BL : Zwischenbericht der Ausgrabungen 1981 54 Download as PDF
Rubric: Mitteilungen 60 Download as PDF
Miscellaneous 60 Download as PDF
Issue 2 61
Front matter 61 Download as PDF
Association News: Einladung zur Jahresversammlung vom 5./6. Juni 1982 62 Download as PDF
Article: Vom Burgenbau rund um den Neuenburgersee : burgenkundliche Gedanken zur Jahrestagung 1982 65 Download as PDF
Miscellaneous 68 Download as PDF
Issue 3 69
Front matter 69 Download as PDF
Article: Burg Wulp/Küsnacht ZH : provisorischer Bericht der Grabung im Sommer 1981 70 Download as PDF
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Article: Neues von der Neuenburg (oder Neuburg) bei Untervaz/GR 75 Download as PDF
Rubric: Mitteilungen 76 Download as PDF
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Issue 4 77
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Article: Die Letzinen von Arth und Oberarth 78 Download as PDF
Article: Sondierung der Letzi Beglingen 82 Download as PDF
Rubric: Mitteilungen 84 Download as PDF
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Issue 5 85
Front matter 85 Download as PDF
Article: Salbüel 82 : provisorischer Bericht über die Ausgrabung einer Holzburg im Luzerner Hinterland 86 Download as PDF
Rubric: Mitteilungen 96 Download as PDF
Miscellaneous 96 Download as PDF
Issue 6 97
Front matter 97 Download as PDF
Article: Altenberg BL 1982 : Vorbericht über die Sondierungen vom Frühjahr 1982 98 Download as PDF
Rubric: Mitteilungen 104 Download as PDF
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Mittelalter – Moyen Age – Medioevo – Temp medieval, the journal of the Schweizerischer Burgenverein (‘Swiss Castle Association’), publishes the results of current research into the cultural history and archaeology of the Middle Ages in Switzerland. Its focal points are research into castles, settlement archaeology and investigations into mediaeval material culture.

The Schweizerischer Burgenverein (‘Swiss Castle Association’) was founded in 1927. Most of our ca 1200 members are interested lay people, though they also include experts from the fields of archaeology, monument conservation, history, art history and related disciplines.

The Burgenverein is itself a member of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences. It devotes itself to mediaeval culture and in particular supports research into mediaeval castles, churches and settlements. Our scholarly publications, which are written to be accessible to lay people too, enjoy high regard in professional circles. As a member of the Burgenverein you will be kept informed of the latest research findings, which will be communicated to you via our publications, excursions and scholarly lectures.


  • Schweizerischer Burgenverein
  • Geschäftsstelle
  • Thomas Bitterli, lic. phil I
  • Blochmonterstr. 22
  • CH-4054 Basel
  • Tel. +41 61 361 24 44
  • Fax +41 61 363 94 05
  • info(at)

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Title:Mittelalter : Zeitschrift des Schweizerischen Burgenvereins = Moyen Age : revue de l'Association Suisse Châteaux Forts = Medioevo : rivista dell'Associazione Svizzera dei Castelli = Temp medieval : revista da l'Associaziun Svizra da Chastels
Title:Nachrichten des Schweizerischen Burgenvereins = Revue de l'Association Suisse pour Châteaux et Ruines = Rivista dell'Associazione Svizzera per Castelli e Ruine
Title:Nachrichten der Schweizerischen Vereinigung zur Erhaltung der Burgen und Ruinen (Burgenverein)

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