Mitteilungen des historischen Vereins des Kantons Schwyz

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Volume 71 (1979) _
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Association News: Chronik des Historischen Vereins des Kantons Schwyz I Download as PDF
Article: Alois Fuchs 1794 - 1855 : ein Schwyzer Geistlicher auf dem Weg vom Liberalismus zum Radikalismus. 2. Teil, Rapperswiler Jahre (1828 - 1834). A, Professor und Spitalpfarrer. Die ersten Predigten und Schriften, Untersuch der Reformpredigt 1 Download as PDF
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Chapter 1: Die Stadt Rapperswil 5 Download as PDF
Chapter 2: Alois Fuchs in Rapperswil 20 Download as PDF
Chapter 3: Der Kanton St. Gallen zur Zeit der Mediation und Restauration (1803 - 1830) 28 Download as PDF
Chapter 4: Alois Fuchs und die Julirevolution von 1830 40 Download as PDF
Chapter 5: Politische Regeneration im Kanton St. Gallen (1830/31) 45 Download as PDF
Chapter 6: Die Anfänge der kirchlichen Regeneration im Kanton St. Gallen (1830-1832) 55 Download as PDF
Chapter 7: Höhepunkt der Reformbewegung : Predigt von Alois Fuchs am 13. Mai 1832 72 Download as PDF
Chapter 8: Das Kapitel Uznach kämpft weiter 98 Download as PDF
Chapter 9: Bekämpfung reaktionärer Kräfte 104 Download as PDF
Chapter 10: Restauration in Rom 139 Download as PDF
Chapter 11: Ultramontane Reaktion in der Schweiz 149 Download as PDF
Chapter 12: Untersuch der Reformpredigt 165 Download as PDF
Appendix: Anhang 203 Download as PDF
Bibliography: Ergänzendes Literaturverzeichnis 217 Download as PDF
Article: Dekan Balthasar Trachsel von Arth und die Früh-Reformation in Schwyz 1520-1524 221 Download as PDF
Bibliography: Bibliographie des Kantons Schwyz 1974 - 1976 257 Download as PDF

The «Mitteilungen des Historischen Vereins des Kantons Schwyz» are the annual journal of the «Historischer Verein des Kantons Schwyz» (Historical Society of the Canton of Schwyz, or HVS), which has been published since 1882. Its articles focus on different historical themes associated with the Canton of Schwyz as well as bulletins from cantonal institutions and the HVS's annual reports. The journal is complemented by a bibliography detailing the literature on the canton that has appeared during the previous year.

The HVS is the central point for research of the history of the Canton of Schwyz. It is active in the field of publication and maintains close links with the cantonal public records office, working together with local historical associations to provide a connection between them and historiography work at cantonal level. It also organises series of lectures and excursions.


Current as well as previous issues are available from:

  • Historischer Verein des Kantons Schwyz
  • c/o Staatsarchiv des Kantons Schwyz
  • Postfach 2201
  • 6431 Schwyz
  • Tel.: +41 41 819 20 65

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