Mitteilungen der Antiquarischen Gesellschaft in Zürich

The Zurich historical society Antiquarische Gesellschaft in Zürich is dedicated to the investigation of and the furthering of knowledge on the history and archaeology of town and canton of Zurich. Founded in 1832, the Antiquarische is today Switzerland's oldest historical society. It publishes, since 1837, an annual journal that is presented to the public each year on St Berchtold's day (January 2). The first such "New Year's gazette" was dedicated to celtic tombs that had been recently discovered on the Burghölzli hill and on the Forch near Zurich. In the early days of archaeology, art history and cultural heritage preservation, the Neujahrsblätter were among the leading scientific journals in the world. After a long series of monographs treating historical, art history and archeological topics with a focus on Zurich, the Neujahrsblätter included, in recent years, an important number of collections, for example, in 2014, on the history of Zurich during the First World War. Since 2001, the Neujahrsblätter appear with the Zurich publisher Chronos.


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Title:Mitteilungen der Antiquarischen Gesellschaft in Zürich

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