Jahresbericht der Geographischen Gesellschaft von Bern

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Volume 38 (1947) _
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Association News: Tätigkeitsbericht pro 1947 _ Download as PDF
Article: L'émigration suisse hors d'Europe dans l'entre-deux-guerres (1919 à 1939) 1 Download as PDF
Chapter : Introduction 1 Download as PDF
Chapter I: L'appareil statistique 2 Download as PDF
Chapter II: Évolution de l'émigration suisse 6 Download as PDF
Chapter III: La composition de l'émigration 10 Download as PDF
Chapter IV: Répartition des émigrants par unités administratives 23 Download as PDF
Chapter V: L'émigration dans ses rapports avec les régions naturelles de la Suisse 33 Download as PDF
Chapter VI: La répartition géographique de l'émigration outre-mer 56 Download as PDF
Chapter VII: Les zones de destination : les pays tempérés 62 Download as PDF
Chapter VIII: Les zones de destination : les pays tropicaux 75 Download as PDF
Chapter : Conclusion 82 Download as PDF
Chapter : Annexes 86 Download as PDF
Bibliography: Bibliographie 98 Download as PDF
Table of Contents 100 Download as PDF
Index: Table des tableaux et des figures 102 Download as PDF
Chapter : Die schweizerische aussereuropäische Auswanderung während der Zwischenkriegszeit (1919-1939) = L'emigrazione Svizzera fuori d'Europa nell'intervallo fra le due guerre (1919-1939) 103 Download as PDF
Article: Hundert Jahre Landeshauptstadt Bern 104 Download as PDF
Article: Mein Standpunkt in der Ortsnamenfrage 107 Download as PDF
Article: Bevölkerungsprobleme Frankreichs 110 Download as PDF
Article: Siedlungsformenkarte der Slowakei 114 Download as PDF
Article: Mitteilungen der eidg. Landestopographie 117 Download as PDF
Article: W. Kreisels schweizerischer Reliefkatalog 120 Download as PDF
Obituary: Hans Schärer, 1904-1947 121 Download as PDF
Rubric: Neuigkeiten = Nova 121 Download as PDF
Rubric: Karten-Neuerscheinungen 1947 = Cartes parues en 1947 123 Download as PDF
Association News: Verbandstätigkeit = Activité des sociétés 123 Download as PDF
Rubric: Hochschulen = Universités 124 Download as PDF
Book review: Rezensionen = Comptes rendus critiques 125 Download as PDF
Article: Kartenbeilage zur "Geographica Helvetica" III. Jahrgang, Heft 1 129 Download as PDF

Bulletin of the Geographical Society of Berne from 1878 to 1972, containing excerpts from session protocols, the annual report, lecture summaries and articles to relevant geographical topics.

The Geographical Society of Berne, founded in 1873, is a registered society and aims to promote and disseminate geography and its related areas.


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Title:Jahresbericht der Geographischen Gesellschaft von Bern
Title:Jahresbericht der Geographischen Gesellschaft in Bern

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