Jährliche Rundschau des Deutschschweizerischen Sprachvereins

The Deutschschweizerische Sprachverein, founded in 1904, is now known as the Schweizerischer Verein für die deutsche Sprache (SVDS). In its early years, it was mainly concerned with the relationship between the national languages. For example, it was in favour of the fact that the railway stations in the German-speaking parts of the bilingual cantons of Freiburg and Valais were no longer written in French, but in German.

Since the 1940s the association has been the contact for the Duden editorial board for all questions concerning Swiss German. The declared objectives of the SVDS are to protect the German language in Switzerland in both the standard form and dialect, and to contribute to linguistic peace in the country.

From 1912 to 1944, the SVDS published its reports and contributions in the "Jährliche Rundschau des Deutschschweizerischen Sprachvereins", and additionally from 1917 to 1944 in the "Mitteilungen des Deutschschweizerischen Sprachvereins". Since 1945, the association has published the twice-monthly "Sprachspiegel".


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Title:Rundschau des Deutschschweizerischen Sprachvereins
Title:Jährliche Rundschau des Deutschschweizerischen Sprachvereins
Title:Jahresbericht / Deutschschweizerischer Sprachverein

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