Jahresbericht / Gesellschaft Pro Vindonissa

Beginning in 1906 the Society Pro Vindonissa (GPV) has been publishing annually the so called "Jahresbericht der Gesellschaft Pro Vindonissa". It contains scientific contributions on the Roman legionary camp of Vindonissa and its surroundings, an annual compilation of the excavations carried out in the area of ancient Vindonissa and the annual statutory report of the society.

Since its conception, the Society Pro Vindonissa (GPV) (originally Antiquarische Gesellschaft von Brugg und Umgebung) has been devoted to the research on the Late Celtic, Roman and Early Medieval Vindonissa and its surroundings. A contract with the Canton Aargau signed on June 15th 1898 entitled the GPV to carry out excavations while also committing the society to archive the finds and documentations of the excavations. In 1912 the GPV built the Vindonissa-Museum in Brugg (Canton Aargau) equipped with its own library, archives for photos and plans and adequate storage rooms for the finds – a literal research centre. With the establishment of its own Archaeological Service, the Canton Aargau carried out these duties increasingly by itself. Today, the Vindonissa-Museum is operated by the Archaeological Service of the Canton Aargau meanwhile the building itself, a still originally equipped Art-Nouveau edifice, is still owned by the GPV.

As well as the annual journal, the GPV publishes in cooperation with the Archaeological Service of the Canton Aargau the series "Veröffentlichungen der Gesellschaft Pro Vindonissa". The Vindonissa-News inform (twice, three times a year) on current events. Since 2010-2011 the society’s archive has been recatalogued.


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