Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae

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Volume 83 (1990) _
Issue 1 _
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Article: Glaucite formation : discussion of the terms authigenic, perigenic, allogenic and meta-allogenic 1 Download as PDF
Article: Géologie du sommet de la Pointe-de-Platé (Domaine helvétique, Haute-Savoie, France) : calcaires paléocènes et faciès chaotiques 7 Download as PDF
Article: La zone piémontaise dans le Haut-Valtournanche (Val d'Aoste, Italie) 21 Download as PDF
Article: Alpine ductile deformation and metamorphism in a Calabrian basement nappe (Aspromonte, south Italy) 41 Download as PDF
Article: Radiogene Höfe in Biotit als geothermische Langzeitindikatoren 59 Download as PDF
Article: Structures et déformation alpine dans le granites hercyniens du massif du Gotthard (Alpes centrales suisses) 77 Download as PDF
Article: Aptian, Albian and Cenomanian microbialites from the condensed deposits of the Helvetic shelf, Western Alps 99 Download as PDF
Article: Paleozoic age for the Tuscan upper metamorphic sequences of Elba and its implications for the geology of the Northern Apennines (Italy) 123 Download as PDF
Article: Permo-Carboniferous stratigraphy in SE Zanskar and NW Lahul (NW Himalaya, India) 143 Download as PDF
Article: Callorbis minor, n.g., n.sp., un nouveau foraminifère des calcaires échinodermiques du Bajocien du Jura (France) 163 Download as PDF
Article: The Oxfordian ammonite succession near Liesberg BE and Péry BE, northern Switzerland 177 Download as PDF
Article: Bericht über die 105. ordentliche Generalversammlung der Schweizerischen Geologischen Gesellschaft in Fribourg : 12.-14. Oktober 1989 201 Download as PDF
Chapter A: Bericht des Vorstandes für das Jahr 1988/89 201 Download as PDF
Chapter B: 105. ordentliche Generalversammlung 206 Download as PDF
Association News: Weisungen für Autoren 217 Download as PDF
Association News: Instructions aux auteurs 219 Download as PDF
Miscellaneous _ Download as PDF
Issue 2 221
Article: Strukturelle Entwicklung der penninisch-ostalpinen Grenzzone am Beispiel der Arosa-Zone im Ost-Rätikon (Vorarlberg, Österreich) 221 Download as PDF
Article: Alpine and Hercynian orogenic phases in the basement rocks of the Northern Apennines (Larderello geothermal field, southern Tuscany, Italy) 241 Download as PDF
Article: Preliminary note on the organic facies, thermal maturity and dinoflagellate cysts of the Upper Maastrichtian Wang Formation in the northern subalpine massifs (Western Alps, France) 265 Download as PDF
Article: Heavy mineral assemblages from Upper Cretaceous South- and Austroalpine flysch sequences (Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland) : source terrances and palaeotectonic implications 287 Download as PDF
Article: The Quaternary sedimentary fill of some Alpine valleys by gravity modelling 311 Download as PDF
Article: Néotectonique dans le karst du nord du lac de Thoune (Suisse) 323 Download as PDF
Article: Coopération suisse et formation au Service de la carte géologique du Maroc 343 Download as PDF
Article: Stratigraphische Korrelation von Ammoniten, Calpionellen und Nannoconiden aus Oberjura und Unterkreide der Nördlichen Kalkalpen 353 Download as PDF
Article: Sauropod tracks from the Upper Jurassic Reuchenette Formation (Kimmeridgian, Lommiswil, Kt. Solothurn) of northern Switzerland 389 Download as PDF
Association News: Weisungen für Autoren 398 Download as PDF
Association News: Instructions aux auteurs 400 Download as PDF
Issue 3: The Hans Laubscher volume 403
Article: The Hans Laubscher volume : an introduction 403 Download as PDF
Article: Geometry and kinematics of fault-propagation folding 409 Download as PDF
Article: Unique determination of normal fault shape from hanging-wall bed geometry in detached half grabens 455 Download as PDF
Article: Geometric and kinematic model of bed length balanced graben strctures 473 Download as PDF
Article: The kinematic evolution of a classical Jura fold : a reinterpretation based on 3-dimensional balancing techniques (Weissenstein Anticline, Jura Mountains, Switzerland) 493 Download as PDF
Article: Geometrie und Kinematik der Zeininger Bruch-Zone und eine Diskussion möglicher spätpaläozoischer Strukturen 513 Download as PDF
Article: The evaporite shear zone of the Jura Boundary Thrust : new evidence from Wisen well (Switzerland) 525 Download as PDF
Article: Analyse de la déformation du Jura central entre Neuchâtel (Suisse) et Besançon (France) 543 Download as PDF
Article: Aspects of the large-scale Miocene deformation in the most external part of the Swiss Alps (Subalpine Molasse to Jura fold belt) 559 Download as PDF
Article: Kinematics and intrabed-strain in mesoscopically folded limestone layers : examples from the Jura and the Helvetic Zone of the Alps 585 Download as PDF
Article: Une carte des zones de cisaillement ductile des Alpes Centrales 603 Download as PDF
Article: The age of movements along the Insubric Line West of Locarno (northern Italy and southern Switzerland) 629 Download as PDF
Article: Alpine basement thrusts in the eastern Seengebirge, Southern Alps (Italy/Switzerland) 645 Download as PDF
Article: A kinematic model of the western Bergamasc Alps, Southern Alps, Italy 665 Download as PDF
Article: Jurassic tectonic framwork of the eastern border of the Lombardian basin 683 Download as PDF
Article: Polyphase deformation in the Col Bechei area (Dolomites, Northern Italy) 701 Download as PDF
Article: A depth-extrapolated structural transect across the Northern Calcareous Alps of western Tirol 711 Download as PDF
Article: Controls on locations of transverse zones in thrust belts 727 Download as PDF
Front matter 745 Download as PDF
Article: A note on the type material of the genus Ranikothalia (Foraminifera) 747 Download as PDF
Article: Les Pectinidés du Miocène de Suisse occidentale 751 Download as PDF
Article: Neubestimmung von zwei "Phylloceraten" (Ammonoidea) aus dem unteren Lias der Nordschweiz und Süddeutschlands 793 Download as PDF
Article: The ammonoid genus Gregoryceras (Oxfordian, Late Jurassic) in the Monti Lessini, Province of Verona, Italy 799 Download as PDF
Article: Palaeonisciden (Osteichthyes: Actinopterygii) aus dem Unteren Rotliegenden (Autunien) der Nordschweiz 813 Download as PDF
Article: Ein Nachweis von Acrodus nobilis Agassiz aus dem Sinemurien der Tongrube Gruhalde, Frick, Kt. Aargau (Nordschweiz) 829 Download as PDF
Article: Ein Skelett von Necromanis franconica, einem Schuppentier (Pholidota, Mammalia) aus dem Aquitan von Auslcet im Allier-Becken (Frankreich) 845 Download as PDF
Table of Contents 865 Download as PDF
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Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae was an international scientific journal published by the Swiss Geological Society from 1888 (Volume 1) until 2006 (Volume 99). From 2007 (Volume 100), it was combined with the Swiss Bulletin of Mineralogy and Petrology and continued under the new name of the Swiss Journal of Geosciences.

The Swiss Geological Society (SGS) was established in 1882 as a National Scientific Society and is a member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

The society promotes the advancement of the Earth Sciences in Switzerland. From 1888 until 2006, it was the publisher of Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae. Since 2007 it publishes, in collaboration with the Swiss Paläontological Society (SPS) and Swiss Mineralogical and Petrological Society (SMPS), the international journal Swiss Journal of Geosciences. Members receive the journal free of charge as part of their membership. The SGS especially welcomes young scientists and supports their attendance at meetings and field excursions organized by the society.


No longer available (replaced since 2007 by the Swiss Journal of Geosciences).

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