Elemente der Mathematik

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Volume 56 (2001): Elemente der Mathematik 1
Article: On the Representation of Permutation as Products of Transpositions 1 Download as PDF
Article: Moufang-Ebenen. Ruth Moufang und ihr Beitrag zu den Grundlagen der Geometrie 4 Download as PDF
Article: Some Dido-type Inequalities 17 Download as PDF
Article: Dynamic Geometry of Polygons 21 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aufgaben 38 Download as PDF
Rubric: Bücher und Computersoftware 44 Download as PDF
Article: Albert Einstein: Maturitätsprüfung in Mathematik 1896 45 Download as PDF
Article: Matrices with a strictly dominant eigenvalue 55 Download as PDF
Article: Disjoint empty convex polygons in planar point sets 62 Download as PDF
Article: Characterization of regular Diophantine quadruples 71 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aufgaben 82 Download as PDF
Rubric: Bücher und Computersoftware 87 Download as PDF
Article: Another simple proof for the existence of the small Witt design 89 Download as PDF
Article: Triangle congruence and the Moulton plane 95 Download as PDF
Article: A note on the St. Petersburg paradox 102 Download as PDF
Article: Irrational rotations motivate measurable sets 105 Download as PDF
Article: On the principal centers of a triangle 122 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aufgaben 130 Download as PDF
Rubric: Bücher und Computersoftware 135 Download as PDF
Article: Beweis des Satzes von Morley nach A. Connes 137 Download as PDF
Article: Some results on Heron triangles 143 Download as PDF
Article: Rationale duale Billards 147 Download as PDF
Article: A test statistic whose derivation is simple and unusual 157 Download as PDF
Article: Estimating the size of a union of random subsets of fixed cardinality 163 Download as PDF
Article: Derivates and irreducible polynomials 170 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aufgaben 173 Download as PDF
Rubric: Bücher und Computersoftware 180 Download as PDF

A journal of the Swiss Mathematical Society.

Published by the European Mathematical Society with the support of the Schweizerische Akademie der Naturwissenschaften and the Stiftung zur Förderung der mathematischen Wissenschaften in der Schweiz.

Elemente der Mathematik (EM) publishes survey articles about important developments in the field of mathematics; stimulating shorter communications that tackle more specialized questions; and papers that report on the latest advances in mathematics and applications in other disciplines. The journal does not focus on basic research. Rather, its articles seek to convey to a wide circle of readers - teachers, students, engineers, professionals in industry and administration - the relevance, intellectual challenge and vitality of mathematics today.

The publication language is primarily German, but many articles are in English, French or Italian.

About the company:

Edited by Jürg Kramer (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, Germany)

Founded by L. Locher-Ernst, continued by E. Trost, M. Jeger und U. Stammbach


Following volumes online on the Website of European Mathematical Society for affiliates of licensing institutions.

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