Elemente der Mathematik

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Volume 53 (1998): Elemente der Mathematik 1
Article: Die Anziehung einer Kugel nach Newton 1 Download as PDF
Article: From Numbers to Rings: The Early History of Ring Theory 18 Download as PDF
Article: Planar Rectangular Sets and Steiner Symmetrization 36 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aufgaben 40 Download as PDF
Rubric: Bücher und Computersoftware 44 Download as PDF
Article: Über den Beweis der Fermat-Vermutung II 45 Download as PDF
Article: Die Transformation einer geschlossenen Kurve in eine Ellipse 61 Download as PDF
Article: Messrechnen: 350 Jahre Rechenschieber 73 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aufgaben 79 Download as PDF
Rubric: Bücher und Computersoftware 86 Download as PDF
Article: On Nonconvex Caustics of Convex Billiards 89 Download as PDF
Article: Teaching the Independence of [Formel] and [Formel] 107 Download as PDF
Article: Regular Hexagons Associated to Triangles with Equal Centroids 112 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Kurvendiskussion der Potenzsummenpolynome 119 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aufgaben 126 Download as PDF
Rubric: Bücher und Computersoftware 131 Download as PDF
Article: Zum Gedenken an Bartel Leendert van der Waerden (2.2.1903-12.1.1996) 133 Download as PDF
Article: Wie der Beweis der Vermutug von Baudet gefunden wurde 139 Download as PDF
Article: Partitioning Balls into Topologically Equivalent Pieces 149 Download as PDF
Article: Mathematische Paradigmen in der Finanzwirtschaft 159 Download as PDF
Rubric: Aufgaben 177 Download as PDF
Rubric: Bücher und Computersoftware 181 Download as PDF

A journal of the Swiss Mathematical Society.

Published by the European Mathematical Society with the support of the Schweizerische Akademie der Naturwissenschaften and the Stiftung zur Förderung der mathematischen Wissenschaften in der Schweiz.

Elemente der Mathematik (EM) publishes survey articles about important developments in the field of mathematics; stimulating shorter communications that tackle more specialized questions; and papers that report on the latest advances in mathematics and applications in other disciplines. The journal does not focus on basic research. Rather, its articles seek to convey to a wide circle of readers - teachers, students, engineers, professionals in industry and administration - the relevance, intellectual challenge and vitality of mathematics today.

The publication language is primarily German, but many articles are in English, French or Italian.

About the company:

Edited by Jürg Kramer (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, Germany)

Founded by L. Locher-Ernst, continued by E. Trost, M. Jeger und U. Stammbach


Following volumes online on the Website of European Mathematical Society for affiliates of licensing institutions.

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