Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici

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Volume 42 (1967): Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici _
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Article: Plongements de polyèdres dans le domaine métastable. 1 Download as PDF
Article: Sur certaines singularités d'applications de variétés topologiques. 28 Download as PDF
Article: Über den Defekt simplizialer Abbildungen von Mannigfaltigkeiten. 49 Download as PDF
Article: Über die Wachstumsordnung eines linearen Systems von Differentialgleichungen mit ganzen Funktionen als Koeffizienten. 60 Download as PDF
Article: On Finitely Generated Fuchsian Groups. 81 Download as PDF
Article: The Index of a Tangent 2-Field. 86 Download as PDF
Article: Sur une classe d'algèbres filtrées. 111 Download as PDF
Article: Continuous Forms in Infinite Dimensional Spaces (Quadratic Forms and Linear Topologies IV). 132 Download as PDF
Article: The Real Cohomology of Differentiable Fibre Bundles. 171 Download as PDF
Article: On Hopf Invariants. 180 Download as PDF
Article: Vector Cross Products. 222 Download as PDF
Article: Isotropic Jacobi Fields, and Jacobi's Equations on Riemannian Homogeneous Spaces. 237 Download as PDF
Article: Überdeckung der euklidischen Sphäre mit kongruenten Punktmengen. 249 Download as PDF
Article: Über die Struktur nilpotenter und auflösbarer Liescher Algebren. 259 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Differentialrechnung in limitierten Vektoräumen. 285 Download as PDF
Article: Anwendungen der Homologietheorie der Liealgebren auf Zentralreihen und auf Präsentierungen. 297 Download as PDF
Article: Some Remarks concerning Surfaces in Three-space. 307 Download as PDF
Article: Quelques questions d'espace vectoriels topologiques. 314 Download as PDF

A journal of the Swiss Mathematical Society.

Published by the European Mathematical Society with the support of the Swiss Academy of Sciences and the "Stiftung zur Förderung der mathematischen Wissenschaften in der Schweiz".

Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici (CMH) was established on the occasion of a meeting of the Swiss Mathematical Society in May 1928. The first volume was published in 1929. The journal soon gained international reputation and is one of the world's leading mathematical periodicals. The first Managing Editor was R. Fueter, followed in 1950 by J. J. Burckhardt, 1982 by P. Gabriel, 1990 by H. Kraft, and 2006 by Eva Bayer-Fluckiger (Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, Switzerland).

The journal is intended for the publication of original research articles on all aspects in mathematics.

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Editor: Eva Bayer-Flückiger (Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, Switzerland)


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