Basler Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Altertumskunde

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Volume 10 (1911) _
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Article: Einige unbeschriebene und weniger bekannte Basler Inkunabel-Holzschnitte 1 Download as PDF
Article: Bibliographie von Augusta Raurica und Basilia 38 Download as PDF
Preface 38 Download as PDF
Chapter : Literatur über die römischen Altertümer von Augst und Basel 39 Download as PDF
Chapter : 1. - 100. 39 Download as PDF
Chapter : 101. - 200. 81 Download as PDF
Chapter : 201. - 331. 134 Download as PDF
Index 167 Download as PDF
Article: Die sog. Panzerjacke Herzog Karls des Kühnen von Burgund 181 Download as PDF
Article: Akten der Ueberführung des Reliquienschatzes des Domstiftes Basel nach dem Kloster Mariastein im Jahre 1834 186 Download as PDF
Article: Nochmals die Basler Totentänze 197 Download as PDF
Article: Galeazzo Maria Sforza und seine Stellung zu den Burgunderkriegen : eine Untersuchung über die südfranzösisch-italiänische Politik Karls des Kühnen 259 Download as PDF
Index: Quellen- und Literaturverzeichnis 259 Download as PDF
Preface 262 Download as PDF
Chapter : Erster Abschnitt 265 Download as PDF
Chapter : Zweiter Abschnitt 293 Download as PDF
Chapter : Dritter Abschnitt 304 Download as PDF
Chapter : Vierter Abschnitt 317 Download as PDF
Chapter : Fünfter Abschnitt 328 Download as PDF
Chapter : Sechster Abschnitt 344 Download as PDF
Chapter : Siebenter Abschnitt 362 Download as PDF
Chapter : Achter Abschnitt 377 Download as PDF
Chapter : Neunter Abschnitt 403 Download as PDF
Article: Ein Veronica-Holzschnitt von Urs Graf und dessen erster Entwurf 415 Download as PDF
Erratum: Richtigstellung 417 Download as PDF
Appendix: Tafeln I Download as PDF

Published by the HAG since 1902, the BZGA has appeared since 1925 mostly as an annual volume. It mainly comprises articles relating to Basel and the surrounding area and encompasses all domains and methods of historical research: political, social, economic and cultural history as well as archaeology and the history of art. Since 2005, every volume has focused on a single main topic, supplemented by individual articles and the HAG's annual report.

The Historische und Antiquarische Gesellschaft zu Basel ("Historical and Antiquarian Society of Basel", or HAG) was founded in 1836. It works to cultivate and pass on historical knowledge, puts on lecture series and, in addition to publishing the Basler Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Altertumskunde ("Basel Journal for History and Archaeology", or BZGA), is involved in the publication of primary material in the "Basler Chroniken" ("Basel Chronicles") series.


The BZGA has been published by Schwabe since 2008. All currently available editions can be ordered from the publisher:

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Title:Basler Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Altertumskunde
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