Neues Berner Taschenbuch

The Berner Taschenbuch was published between 1852 and 1934. After an interruption in 1895, it continued appearing under the title Neues Berner Taschenbuch. Every volume contains roughly ten articles about a variety of subjects concerning the history and culture of the city of Berne, as well as biographies and memoirs. Every volume contains a valuable and useful yearly chronicle documenting crucial events of those days. From 1939 on, the Berner Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Heimatkunde succeeded the Berner Taschenbuch. The journal is published under the title Berner Zeitschrift für Geschichte since 2009.

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DigiBern is a web offer by the University Library of Berne and includes digitized texts and maps pertaining to the history and culture of Berne city and the canton of Berne.


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Title:Neues Berner Taschenbuch
Title:Berner Taschenbuch

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