Bulletin de la Société Neuchâteloise des Sciences Naturelles

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Volume 117 (1994) _
Obituary: Georges Dubois (1902-1993) 5 Download as PDF
Article: Georges Dubois, spécialiste des strigéides (vers trématodes) 13 Download as PDF
Article: Contribution à la connaissance des Limoniidae (Diptera, Nematocera) des Pyrénées (France). I, Pyrénées orientales 23 Download as PDF
Article: La faune des lépidoptères diurnes (Rhopalocera) des milieux humides du canton de Neuchâtel. II, Tourbières, prés à litière, mégaphorbiées 33 Download as PDF
Article: Notes sur une petite collection d'acariens (Acari) parasites récoltés sur des chiroptères de la collection du Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Genève 59 Download as PDF
Article: Description de Ptychadena largeni n. sp. (Anura, Ranidae) d'Ethiopie 67 Download as PDF
Article: Catalogue des types du Musée d'histoire naturelle de Neuchâtel. IV, Oiseaux 79 Download as PDF
Article: Note à propos de Saxifraga aizoides L. dans le Jura suisse 97 Download as PDF
Article: Morphology and sheath architecture in the filamentous green alga Planctonema lauterbornii (Chlorophyceae, Ulotrichales) 99 Download as PDF
Article: Analyse aéropalynologique à Neuchâtel et à La Chaux-de-Fonds en 1993 111 Download as PDF
Article: Le diagnostic parasitaire dans le canton de Neuchâtel : rapport d'activité 1993 117 Download as PDF
Article: Observations météorologiques faites en 1993 à l'Observatoire cantonal de Neuchâtel 123 Download as PDF
Association News: Procès-verbaux des séances : année 1993 131 Download as PDF
Table of Contents 141 Download as PDF

Then, eleven years after it was founded, the SNSN published the content of its debates in order to "provide a quick way of publicising observations which are likely to interest the scientifically minded general public."

Today, the Bulletin is a scientific journal in ist own right. Publishing the results of research undertaken by SNSN members alongside scientific reports, it now offers much more than just debates in summary form. Neither has it forgotten ist non-specialist audience, with the first two pages of each issue devoted to an article providing general information. The Bulletin is published once a year in one or, more rarely, two volumes.

The SNSN also works to further the scientific study of the Canton of Neuchâtel. For this reason, the editors of the Bulletin seek out articles on the Neuchâtel region and promote them for publication.

The Société neuchâteloise des sciences naturelles (Neuchâtel Society of Natural Sciences, or SNSN) aims to inform as broad a public as possible about the latest scientific findings in different research disciplines. It does this by organising an annual cycle of conferences complemented by visits to laboratories, museums, botanical gardens, companies, archaeological digs and areas of natural beauty.

The SNSN works together with the following institutions: the University of Neuchâtel, to which the majority of its committee members belong; the Neuchâtel Museum of Natural History, which undertakes some of the administration work; and the Public and University Library and the Swiss Academy of Sciences, which are responsible for distributing and exchanging copies of the Bulletins.

The Société neuchâteloise des sciences naturelles was founded in 1832 in Neuchâtel through the efforts of a group of scientists that included Louis Agassiz, Henri de Joannis and Henri Ladame, three names that would reappear in 1840 as professors at the first Académie, later to become the university. The SNSN started life as a narrow scientific circle in which experts debated the issues of the day in the fields of medicine, zoology, botany, geology, mathematics, engineering and horology.


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