IABSE reports = Rapports AIPC = IVBH Berichte

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Volume 39 (1982): IABSE Symposium (Washington D.C.): Maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of bridges. Final report _
Front matter _ Download as PDF
Preface _ Download as PDF
Table of Contents _ Download as PDF
Rubric: Session 1: Inspection, records and maintenance 1 Download as PDF
Article: Conflict between structurally deficient and historically significant bridges 3 Download as PDF
Article: Designing service life into a bridge 9 Download as PDF
Article: Symposium on civil engineering structure management Brussels - Paris, 1981 and an example of an ancient bridge rehabilitation 15 Download as PDF
Article: Nihon Doro Kodan's Bridge maintenance system 27 Download as PDF
Article: Survey of structures by using acoustic emission monitoring 33 Download as PDF
Article: Direct measurement of stresses in concrete structures 39 Download as PDF
Rubric: Session 2: Rating and evaluation of remaining life of bridges 45 Download as PDF
Article: Development of a comprehensive computerised bridge rating system 47 Download as PDF
Article: Collapse of the Viennese Reichsbrücke: causes and lessons 53 Download as PDF
Article: Evaluation and improvement of bridge foundations 59 Download as PDF
Article: Rating and evaluation of first-built composite girder bridge in Japan 65 Download as PDF
Article: Displacement-induced fatigue cracking of a box girder bridge 71 Download as PDF
Article: Fatigue life of Australian railroad bridges 77 Download as PDF
Rubric: Session 3: Rehabilitation and repair of bridges 83 Download as PDF
Article: Maintenance of reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges in the Federal Republic of Germany 85 Download as PDF
Article: Experiences in rehabilitation and repair of concrete bridges 105 Download as PDF
Article: Repairs on the Givors Bridge 111 Download as PDF
Article: Strengthening of bridges with epoxy bonded steel plate 117 Download as PDF
Article: Post-tension strengthening of composite bridges 123 Download as PDF
Article: Erneuerung der Rheinbrücke Reichenau 129 Download as PDF
Article: Wheeling suspension bridge, USA: case study 135 Download as PDF
Rubric: Session 4: a) Joints, bearings and other details; b) Financial and planning considerations 141 Download as PDF
Article: Bridge deck expansion joint transition areas 143 Download as PDF
Article: Aging of high strength bolted joints in long service 149 Download as PDF
Article: Fatigue tests on coupling of tendons under service conditions 155 Download as PDF
Article: Financial and planning considerations for bridge rehabilitation 161 Download as PDF
Article: Designing bridge rehabilitations without "going under" (financially) 167 Download as PDF
Rubric: Closing session 173 Download as PDF
Article: Closing session 173 Download as PDF
Index: IABSE reports 175 Download as PDF

These publications collect the papers accepted for presentation at the symposia and conferences of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). They are on particular themes and are of a high technical-scientific standard. They were first published in 1965 and are published 1-2 times yearly.

The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) has 4000 members in 100 countries. The mission of IABSE is to promote the exchange of knowledge and to advance the practice of structural engineering worldwide in the service of the profession and society. To accomplish its mission, IABSE organises conferences and publishes the quarterly journal Structural Engineering International (SEI), as well as reports and monographs. IABSE also presents annual awards for outstanding achievements in structural engineering in research and practice that advance the profession of structural engineering.


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Title:IABSE reports = Rapports AIPC = IVBH Berichte
Title:IABSE reports = Rapports AIPC = IVBH Berichte
Title:IABSE reports of the working commissions = Rapports des commissions de travail AIPC = IVBH Berichte der Arbeitskommissionen
Period:1965-1975; 1977-1981

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