Bulletin de l'Association Pro Aventico

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Volume 48 (2006) _
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Obituary: In memoriam Jacques Morel 1954-2006 3 Download as PDF
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Article: Une nouvelle salle de réunion aux portes du forum d'Aventicum Mosaïque à décor géométrique et banquettes à décor de lions 9 Download as PDF
Article: Nouvelles recherches sur les aqueducs d'Aventicum 49 Download as PDF
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Chapter 1: Introduction 51 Download as PDF
Chapter 2: Méthodologie 51 Download as PDF
Chapter 3: Les données hydrologiques de la plaine aventicienne 56 Download as PDF
Chapter 4: Les aqueducs d'Aventicum 61 Download as PDF
Chapter 5: Les données chiffrées 86 Download as PDF
Chapter 6: Comparaisons et parallèles 91 Download as PDF
Chapter 7: Conclusions et directions de recherches 97 Download as PDF
Chapter : Annexe : comptes-rendus des données des fouilles récentes 98 Download as PDF
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Rubric: Chronique des fouilles archéologiques 107 Download as PDF
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Index: Liste des publications en vente au Musée Romain d'Avenches 150 Download as PDF
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The "Bulletin de l'Association Pro Aventico" (BPA) is the medium of publication for the activities of the roman site and museum in Avenches; it appears since 1887. It contains scientific articles about the excavations, the monuments and about any scientific topics concerning Aventicum.

The "Bulletin de l'Association Pro Aventico" has been founded in 1885 by a group of savants, who has been worried about the prevention of the roman site of Aventivum, the capital of the roman Helvetia. Systematic excavations have been made and regularly published in the "Bulletin de l'Association Pro Aventico". The organization of the excavations changed over to the "Fondation Pro Aventico" in 1964; the "Association Pro Aventico" keeped as a main responsibility to promote the scientific and popular publications with the purpose, to advertise the results of the excavations.


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