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Volume 110 (2000): Botanica Helvetica _
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Obituary: Patricia Geissler _ Download as PDF
Article: Similarity is only skin-deep : the use of comparative plant anatomy as illustrated by a study of columnar cacti from Chile (Eulychnia and Echinopsis, Cactaceae) 1 Download as PDF
Article: Switzerland and the invasive plant species issue 11 Download as PDF
Article: Nunataks and peripheral refugia for alpine plants during quaternary glaciation in the middle part of the Alps 25 Download as PDF
Article: Molecular approach to the identification and characterization of natural hybrids between Orchis pauciflora Ten. and Orchis quadripunctata Cyr. ex Ten. (Orchidaceae) 31 Download as PDF
Article: Une espèce nouvelle de Pandanus sect. Martellidendron (Pandanaceae) de la péninsule de Masoala, Madagascar 41 Download as PDF
Article: Allergenic pollen types in the atmosphere of Santiago de Compostela (NW Spain) : a pollen calender for the last six years 51 Download as PDF
Article: Morphological and molecular diversity of Swiss common bean cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L., Fabaceae) and their origin 61 Download as PDF
Article: Fortschritte in der Floristik der Schweizer Flora (Gefässpflanzen) (mit Berücksichtigung der an die Schweiz angrenzenden Gebiete). 59. Folge (Berichtsjahr 1998-1999, 2. Teil) 79 Download as PDF
Issue 2 101
Article: The taxonomic position of the controversial taxon Orchis clandestina (Orchidaceae) : karymorphological and molecular analyses 101 Download as PDF
Article: Distribution of diploid sexual triploid apomictic dandelions (Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia) along two altitudinal gradients in Switzerland 109 Download as PDF
Article: Grimmia nutans Bruch en France méridionale et Grimmia elatior Bruch ex Bals. & de Not., respectivement nouveaux pour la bryoflore d'Europe occidentale et de Corse 115 Download as PDF
Article: Phytosociology and ecology of the Festuca puccinellii-grasslands in the Northern Apennines (N-Italy) 125 Download as PDF
Article: Populationsgeschichte des seltenen Kammfarns (Dryopteris cristata) in der Schweiz 151 Download as PDF
Article: Analysis of the adventive flora of a Greek city : the example of Patras 171 Download as PDF
Article: Fortschritte in der Floristik der Schweizer Flora (Gefässpflanzen). 60. Folge (Canton de Genève) 191 Download as PDF

Botanica Helvetica (formerly “Berichte der Schweizerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft”) is the official publication of the Swiss Botanical Society. The journal has been published biannually since 1890 by Birkhäuser Verlag and receives financial support from the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

Botanica Helvetica features original research articles and short notes, covering all areas of botany. The articles from Swiss and international authors are written in English or in one of the Swiss national languages.


For more information on contents, subscriptions and author guidelines, please visit the website of the Society.

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Title:Botanica Helvetica
Title:Berichte der Schweizerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft = Bulletin de la Société Botanique Suisse

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