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Volume 104 (1994): Botanica Helvetica _
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Issue 1 1
Association News: Schweierzische [i.e. Schweizerische]Botanische Gesellschaft / Société Botanique Suisse : rapport annuel pour 1993 1 Download as PDF
Article: Dynamique de la végétation sur les pistes ensemencées de Crans-Montana (Valais, Suisse) : effets de l'altitude 3 Download as PDF
Article: Rekonstruktion von Bestandesfluktuationen, Bodenmächtigkeit und Feuergeschichte über 7000 Jahre BP mittels Holzkohle-Analysen 17 Download as PDF
Article: Study of alder forests in the Basque Country and bordering territories by means of multivariate analysis 31 Download as PDF
Article: Zur Flora und Vegetation des Küsnachtertobels : Veränderungen innerhalb der letzten fünfzig Jahre 55 Download as PDF
Article: Dictamnus albus L. im Carpinion der Nordschweiz 69 Download as PDF
Article: Purification and properties of apoplastic chitinases from rust infected leaves of Arachis hypogaea L. 79 Download as PDF
Article: Fluorescent idioblasts in autumn leaves of Ginkgo biloba 87 Download as PDF
Issue 2 93
Article: The distribution of Sphagnum species along an elevational gradient in the southern Alps (Italy) 93 Download as PDF
Article: Omphalodo nitidae-Coryletum avellanae, a new mesophytic woodland community of the northwest Iberian Peninsula 103 Download as PDF
Article: Deux espèces nouvelles et révision nomenclaturale des Euroschinus (Anacardiaceae) de Nouvelle-Calédonie 123 Download as PDF
Article: Ecological restoration above the timberline : demographic monitoring of whole trial plots in the Swiss Alps 141 Download as PDF
Article: Beiträge zur Flora der Stadt Zürich. I, Einleitung : Beschreibung der neuen „Flora" : Pteridophyten und Gymnospermen 157 Download as PDF
Article: Die Mesobrometen der Bözberger Südhalde (Aargauer Jura) zehn Jahre später 171 Download as PDF
Article: The architecture of Mourera fluviatilis (Podostemaceae). l, Mature structures and leaf development 179 Download as PDF
Article: Morphology, isozyme variation, cytology, and reproduction of hybrids between Sorbus aria (L.) Crantz and S. torminalis (L.) Crantz 195 Download as PDF
Article: Voruntersuchung der genetischen Variabilität eiszeitlicher Reliktpopulationen von Saxifraga cernua 215 Download as PDF

Botanica Helvetica (formerly “Berichte der Schweizerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft”) is the official publication of the Swiss Botanical Society. The journal has been published biannually since 1890 by Birkhäuser Verlag and receives financial support from the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).

Botanica Helvetica features original research articles and short notes, covering all areas of botany. The articles from Swiss and international authors are written in English or in one of the Swiss national languages.


For more information on contents, subscriptions and author guidelines, please visit the website of the Society.

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Title:Botanica Helvetica
Title:Berichte der Schweizerischen Botanischen Gesellschaft = Bulletin de la Société Botanique Suisse

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