Berichte des Geobotanischen Institutes der Eidg. Techn. Hochschule, Stiftung Rübel

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Volume 51 (1984) _
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Association News: Bericht über das Geobotanische Institut an der ETH Stiftung Rübel für das Jahr 1983 5 Download as PDF
Rubric: Englische Zusammenfassungen der in den Berichtsjahr 1983 abgeschlossenen Dissertationen und Diplomarbeiten 28 Download as PDF
Association News: Freies Geobotanisches Kolloquium 38 Download as PDF
Article: Neue Chromosomenzahlen aus der Gruppe der Stachys recta L. und anderen, verwandten Artengruppen = New chromosome numbers within the group of Stachys recta L. and other related groups 39 Download as PDF
Article: Zytologische Untersuchungen an einigen Pflanzen aus Albanien = Cytological investigations within some plants from Albania 63 Download as PDF
Article: Structure des organes hypogés de quelques espèces lithophiles pyrénéennes en relation avec la dynamique des pierriers = Structure of subterrean organs of some plants of scree slopes in the Pyrenees in realtion to the dynamic of the substratum 78 Download as PDF
Article: Germinating behavoiur and growth potential in Taraxacum alpinum (2n=32) from the Swiss Alps = Keimverhalten und Wachstumsvermögen bei Taraxacum alpinum (2n=32) aus den Schweizer Alpen 118 Download as PDF
Article: Polymorphism of cyanogenesis in Lotus alpinus from Switzerland. II. Phemotypic and allelic frequencies upon acidic silicate and carbonate = Polymorphismus der Cyanogenese bei Lotus alpinus aus der Schweiz. II. Phänotypen- und Allelen-Häufigkeit auf saurem Silikat- und auf Karbonatgestein 132 Download as PDF
Article: Flowers and fruits in the genus Wolffiella (Lemnaceae) : Blüten und Früchte der Gattung Wolffiella 164 Download as PDF
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The first annual report has been published in 1928 and covered the years 1928-1928. It provides a good overview on the origin and development of Eduard Rübel's private research. Since 1931, the annual reports appear on a yearly basis and contain scientific publications, as well as briefings on the scientific activity of the institute. Over the years, these reports became an important source of information in geobotany.

The release of these reports has stopped in 2003, because scientific results are now mainly published in international, cross-referenced journals, which can furthermore be accessed on the Internet. Today, the Rübel Foundation supports the publication of the international journal Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics.


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Title:Bulletin of the Geobotanical Institute ETH
Title:Berichte des Geobotanischen Institutes der Eidg. Techn. Hochschule, Stiftung Rübel
Title:Bericht über das Geobotanische Forschungsinstitut Rübel in Zürich

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