Bulletin du ciment

The journal "Bulletin du ciment" was published between 1933 and 2001, with 6-12 issues per year in German (Cementbulletin), French (Bulletin du ciment) and Italian (Bolletino del cemento). Each issue dealt with specific topics relating to the use of mineral binders (cement and lime) and concrete, focusing on the properties and requirements of the constituents of concrete (cement, aggregates, admixtures, additives), as well as its manufacture, testing and durability. Architectural and engineering-related aspects of concrete construction have also been explored, as well as the maintenance and restoration of existing structures.

TFB AG is a financially and technically independent company with its headquarters in Wildegg (Aargau/Switzerland) and a branch in Crissier (Vaud/Switzerland). It provides consultancy and laboratory services, specialising in cement and concrete applications in building new constructions and in maintaining concrete, steel and reinforced concrete structures. In the same areas, TFB AG is also a recognised organiser of training and educational activities for a wide range of professional people (builders, engineering firms and architect's offices, construction companies, concrete manufacturers, etc.). Further details can be found on our website.


  • Dr. Veronika Klemm
  • TFB AG
  • Lindenstrasse 10
  • CH-5103 Wildegg
  • E-Mail: klemm@tfb.ch

The issues of the journal are only available electronically.

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