Bollettino dell'Associazione archeologica ticinese

The Associazione Archeologica Ticinese annually publishes a bulletin. This includes reports on the activities of the Association and articles of Swiss and foreign archaeologists of general interest.

The Associazione Archeologica Ticinese was founded in 1986 by a group of passionates. It organises conferences, travels, archaeological excursions, museum and exhibition visits in the Switzerland and abroad, as well as nightly in-depth courses. The AAT also offers an educational program for schools in the Italian-speaking Switzerland. Moreover, it biennially awards a scholarship for studies in the archaeology of the Italian Switzerland and publishes a bulletin each year. The audience of the AAT consists not only of professionals, but especially from people with a great interest in the archaeology, which want to preserve the cultural heritage.


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Title:Bollettino dell'Associazione archeologica ticinese

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