Badener Neujahrsblätter

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Volume 44 (1969) _
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Article: Moderne Kirchenbauten im Bezirk Baden 3 Download as PDF
Article: Kirchen und Kapellen in Baden : bei Anlass der Restauration der Stadtpfarrkirche 16 Download as PDF
Article: Drei Sprüche 27 Download as PDF
Article: Zum Orgelneubau in der Stadtkirche in Baden 28 Download as PDF
Article: "In Nietzsches Lob..." 30 Download as PDF
Article: Vom alten Cordulaplatz 31 Download as PDF
Article: Die römischen Heilthermen von Baden : Aquae Helveticae 45 Download as PDF
Article: Revolution-auch in der Kleinstadt : der Generalstreik in Baden _ Download as PDF
Article: Baden im Spiegel seiner Gäste 70 Download as PDF
Article: Das Künstlerehepaar Simone Bonzon und Paul Hänni 82 Download as PDF
Obituary: Dr. August Bärlocher, alt Chefredaktor 87 Download as PDF
Obituary: Zum Gedenken an Prof. Dr. H.K. von Rechenberg _ Download as PDF
Obituary: Irma Schweitzer-Meyer 91 Download as PDF
Article: Die Schulanlage Margeläcker 93 Download as PDF
Article: Hamlet _ Download as PDF
Article: Zur Baugeschichte der Pfarrkirche von Fislisbach 101 Download as PDF
Article: ""Böse" gibt es vielleicht nur..." 109 Download as PDF
Association News: Jahresbericht der Vereinigung für Heimatkunde des Bezirks Baden : vom 1. November 1967 bis 31. Oktober 1968 110 Download as PDF
Article: Eine archäologische Karte des Bezirks Baden : ein Appell an die Bevölkerung 114 Download as PDF
Article: Jahreschronik : vom 1. Oktober 1967 bis 30. September 1968 116 Download as PDF
Table of Contents 127 Download as PDF

The Badener Neujahrsblätter are an annual publication and have been coming out since 1925. Their aim is to document the events in the town of Baden and the Baden region. Changing focal themes each year reveal one aspect of the past and current life in the city and its region. The articles are written by authors specializing in the focal themes, either as academics or as journalists.

Two editors are responsible for the publication of the Badener Neujahrsbätter: Firstly, the Literarische Gesellschaft (literary society) Baden, a network for literature in the Baden area. By the name "Baden liest" (Baden reads) the society is passing on literature in several ways to different groups, organizes readings, literature days and a festival for children's literature named "kunterbunt" (jumbled up). Secondly, the Vereinigung für Heimatkunde des Bezirks Baden (society for local geography and history of the Baden district) is passing on relevant information on culture, offers visits and talks and organizes field and study trips.


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