Actes de la Société jurassienne d'émulation

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Volume 50 (1946) _
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Article: 81e assemblée générale (tenue à Berne, le 21 septembre 1946, dans la salle du Grand Conseil) : allocution d'ouverture _ Download as PDF
Article: Mon pays : sonnet 12 Download as PDF
Article: Procès-verbal de l'assemblée générale tenue à Berne le samedi 21 septembre 1946 13 Download as PDF
Article: Rapport d'activité pour l'exercice 1945-1946 23 Download as PDF
Article: Une grande figure du passé jurassien : Xavier Péquignot, dernier landammann du canton de Berne 37 Download as PDF
Article: Retour du Japon 111 Download as PDF
Article: Le docteur Jean-Jacques Châtelain : collaborateur du grand Haller 117 Download as PDF
Article: Emission: Poètes à vos lyres! : Aux poètes français de Radio-Genève 144 Download as PDF
Article: Le Jura et l'Ecole de langue française à Berne 145 Download as PDF
Article: "Les peux" : étude de toponymie franc-montagnarde 159 Download as PDF
Article: Novembre 175 Download as PDF
Article: Les béls-ouejés : novelle en patois de Bonfô = les beaux-oiseaux : nouvelle en patois de Bonfol 176 Download as PDF
Article: Ecoles allemandes et germanisation du Jura 213 Download as PDF
Article: Le miroir de la vie jurassienne 227 Download as PDF
Book review: Chronique littéraire 247 Download as PDF
Article: Le prix littéraire 263 Download as PDF
Rubric: Notices nécrologiques 273 Download as PDF
Article: Rapport d'activité des sections pendant l'année 1945-1946 285 Download as PDF
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"Dedicated to history, to science, to literature, and to the arts, the Actes are in themselves a library, a rich documentation, an anthology. For over a hundred years, the best minds and the best writers of the Jura worked for them, and no historian or essayist of today or tomorrow can ignore the great wealth they hold. Many cantons, although endowed with a university, envy us this precious possession. By the mere existence of its Actes, the Société jurassienne d'émulation justifies its own existence." Charles Beuchat, Le Jura, terre romande, 1971)

The distribution of articles in the fields of history, science, literature and art varies from one volume to another, depending on the individual contributions available and the activity of the Circles. Those responsible for the Actes work to ensure that a balanced offer is presented to readers and maintain this threefold requirement: a high scientific level, a spirit of popularization, and openness to new areas of research and creation. Since 1847 they offer a panorama of research and creation in the historic Jura area (Jura canton, Bernese Jura and Laufon District).


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Title:Actes de la Société jurassienne d'émulation
Title:Mémoires de la Société jurassienne d'émulation
Title:L'émulation jurassienne : revue mensuelle littéraire et scientifique
Title:Actes de la Société jurassienne d'émulation
Title:Coup-d'oeil sur les travaux de la Société jurassienne d'émulation
Title:Bulletin de la société statistique des districts du Jura

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