Appenzeller Kalender

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Volume 186 (1907) _
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Article: Gratisbeilage zum "Appenzeller Kalender" auf das Jahr 1907 _ Download as PDF
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Article: Distanztafel für die Schweiz : die Ziffern bezeichnen die Entfernung in Kilometern _ Download as PDF
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Article: Europäischer Staatskalender _ Download as PDF
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Article: Vergleichende Ergebnisse der Volkszählungen von 1850-1900 _ Download as PDF
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Article: Die Schweiz unter der Restauration 1814-1830 _ Download as PDF
Article: Üseri Puuresprooch : zum hundertsten Geburtstage des appenzellischen Dialektforschers Dr. Titus Tobler _ Download as PDF
Article: Die Höhlenbewohner der Schweiz _ Download as PDF
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The Appenzell Calendar is an annual astronomical calendar that has been appearing since 1722. Its first part consists of an almanac with information about the sun path, other celestial phenomena and the weather, as well as a register of all the product and livestock markets taking place in Switzerland. Until 1958, the Appenzell Calendar included the Julian in addition to the Gregorian calendar, as well as folk-medicine-based advice for general health. The second part presents a record of weather conditions for the past year and contains several articles on local historical and cultural topics as well as literary texts. While today the focus is on Appenzell-related content, the scope of the publication up to the twentieth century was extended to world political events and more exotic matters. Since 1738, a permanent component of the calendar is the administrative directory of Appenzell Ausser- and Innerrhoden or of other cantons, depending on where the calendar is sold.

Since the Appenzeller Schreib-Calender of Johannes Tobler from Rehetobel (1696-1765) made its first appearance, the editor as well as the place of printing and sale have often changed. After Ulrich Sturzenegger (1714-1781) assumed the editorship, Trogen remained the location of printing and sale for over 200 years. From 1767 the Appenzell Calendar was printed in the Sturzenegger printing shop, and from 1846 in Johannes Schläpfer’s (1814-1872) printing press in Trogen. In 1975, it moved to Schläpfer & Co. AG in Herisau; today the Appenzell Calendar is produced and distributed by the Appenzeller Verlag.


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Title:Appenzeller Kalender
Title:Alter und neuer grosser Staats-, Kriegs- und Friedens Appenzeller-Calender, oder, Der hinkende Bott

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