The Rote Revue magazine was the theoretical organ of the Socialdemocratic Party of Switzerland and appeared between 1921 and 2009 (1967-1980 under the title Profile). The founders were Robert Grimm and Ernst Nobs. Nobs, who in 1943 was elected as the first Social Democrat to the Federal Council, was appointed in 1921 as the first editor. The Red Revue saw itself as the site for theoretical debates and education. In addition to programmatic references articles on a variety of policy areas can be found : labour, housing, military, neutrality, business, etc. The Rote Revue also published regularly reviews of scientific and socio-political publications.

With its foundation in October 1888, the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland was considered to be the main opposition to the Radicals in government and parliament. Its history is closely connected to the labor movement and the trade unions. In the 20th century, it developed from a socialist to a social-reformistic party. Since 1959 continuously represented in the national government, the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland is still sometimes in opposition to the other government parties.


  • Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz
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Title:Rote Revue : Zeitschrift für Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur
Title:Rote Revue - Profil : Monatszeitschrift
Title:Profil : sozialdemokratische Zeitschrift für Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur
Title:Rote Revue : sozialistische Monatsschrift